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Warner Bros powrpoint PowerPoint Presentation
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Warner Bros powrpoint

Warner Bros powrpoint

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Warner Bros powrpoint

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  1. Warner brothers film studio! By Immy Murphy

  2. A brief history of the company • Warner Bros. is one of Hollywood’s oldest and most successful production studios in existence. Founded in 1923 by Albert, Sam, Harry and Jack Warner, Warner Bros. has been at the forefront of the film industry for almost 100 years. In fact, the studio claims the distinction of producing and distributing the first-ever “talkie” (an audio-synchronized film). As one of the oldest film studios in existence, Warner Bros.’ vast catalogue of media runs at roughly 100,000 hours in length. • The studios’ history is riddled with firsts; Warner Bros. is known for having had the first “four-legged star” and having had produced the first film to tell a definite story (The Great Train Robbery). Warner Bros. is also responsible for producing some of the most culturally significant films of its time, with some of them outright addressing multiple societal issues that were traditionally considered taboo. • In 1918, the company produced its first-ever full-length feature film. Titled My Four Years in Germany, the film was based on the novel of the same name and was a box-office hit, raking in over $1 million (a bonafide smash at the time). Soon after, the brothers knew that purchasing and distributing films throughout Pennsylvania and Virginia would only go so far; they needed to expand into production, and so, they headed west to California, purchased some property, and the Californian Warner Bros. studio was created.

  3. Types of products they make! The Warner brothers have made thousands of films from all different genres. All from the 1920s to now. Some of the best work they did has been the films. -Rags to riches -Alexander Hamilton -Free willy -Malcom X -scooby doo -All harry potter films -A cinderella story -The exorcist -Phantom of the opera -Polar express They also make video games as well, such as ‘among us’ and ‘Mario Kart.’

  4. Warner bros • Warner bros is owned by Disney. Disney is a much bigger company and is worth around $128.8 billion. Disney owns many comapnys such as.. • ABC • ESPN  • Touchstone Picture • Marvel • Lucasfilm • A&E • The History Channel  • Lifetime  • Pixar • Hollywood Records • Vice Media  • Core Publishing

  5. Where does the warner brothers operate The warner brother film studio is worldwide however where it operates is in a place just outside of London called leavesdan. They also have a studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles in America. They also have the Harry Potter studios which are in London .