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Warner Bros. Entertainment Time Warner Family PowerPoint Presentation
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Warner Bros. Entertainment Time Warner Family

Warner Bros. Entertainment Time Warner Family

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Warner Bros. Entertainment Time Warner Family

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  1. Warner Bros. Entertainment Time Warner Family Team One October 17, 2012 • Vickie Delaney • Bethany Hall • Jocelyn Harris • Ryan Mouch Jocelyn Harris


  3. Multiple Mergers and Acquisitions • But did they all work? • TNN, HBO, Time-Warner- worked • Most famous example: AOL and Time Warner • Schein taught us that mergers and acquisitions lead to new organizational cultures or lead to the demise of a company. (Schein, 2010) • “No one at the top of the company really tried to persuade the people in charge of their brands that they needed to try to make this deal work.” (Kramer, 2006) Vickie Delaney

  4. FLEXIBILITY • Meyer leads the company’s efforts to create new business models to fit emerging consumer demands • Foster a learning environment Barry M. Meyer Chairman & CEO, Warner Bros. Vickie Delaney

  5. Social Responsibility Embraces diversity , cultural education Sustainability Vickie Delaney

  6. The Journey continues… Their employees are their greatest asset Vickie Delaney

  7. Support Your Success Warner Bros. employee-focused programs and initiatives are designed with your health, wealth and life needs in mind, now and throughout your career. Jocelyn Harris

  8. The Warner Bros. Entertainment Experience • At Warner Bros. Entertainment, • They maintain a culture of creativity, • Promote professional growth, and community • Attract the world's brightest stars and • Keeps them shining throughout their careers. Picture yourself among the stars. Picture yourself working here. Jocelyn Harris

  9. Their Employees Linda Executive Assistant in Media Advertising states; "One day she opened the newspaper and saw an advertisement for jobs at Warner Bros. She applied and is there 22 years and counting! Jocelyn Harris

  10. Life at Warner Bros Being productive doesn't mean all work and no balance. That's where Warner Bros. Entertainment's Work/Life programs bring value. Our life benefit plans and programs work together to help you manage your life at work and away from work. Jocelyn Harris

  11. Warner Bros. Individual EmployeePositive Experience • “A Great Place to Work” • Pros: “Many smart, talented, creative people … Consistent opportunities to prove yourself and be recognized for exceptional work.” • Cons: “Some typical large organization politics … Sometimes hard to advance because employee turnover is low.” Former Director, Business Development in Burbank, CA 5 star company Ryan Mouch

  12. Warner Bros. Individual EmployeeNegative Experience • “Was good, would stay away from now” • Pros: “The people are great … not the same work experience every day …” • Cons: “The management seems to make changes to personnel on whims. Fiercely anti-union if they can get away with it. Instruction on duties almost non-existent. Chances for advancement are nearly impossible … If you are looking for some positive feedback you can forget it.” Former Senior Clerk in Burbank, CA 1 star company Ryan Mouch

  13. Warner Bros. Individual EmployeeAverage (3-star experience) • Great Opportunity; Challenging to Get Promoted • Pros: “I have found it to be a positive experience in terms of having excellent benefits, perks and great co-workers. They promote a strong work/life balance.” • Cons:“It can be challenging and frustrating to get promoted. You essentially have to leave your department and interview for a higher level position within a different department … you really have to know someone to get your foot in the door.” Current Employee in Burbank, CA 13 Ryan Mouch

  14. Warner Bros. Employees • 3.3 out 5 star rating (Gives company an OK rating) • 87% of employees approve of Barry M. Meyer, CEO • Information courtesy of Ryan Mouch

  15. Additional Employee Ratings Ryan Mouch

  16. Summary/Recurring Themes • Pros: • Great people; environment • Perks (tickets, lunches, screenings, etc.) • Cons: • Chance for advancement • Large organization politics Ryan Mouch 16

  17. Employee Interview – 5 Year Employee • First questions involve style of management at Warner Brothers • Effective leading? • Effective listening? • Daily involvement? Bethany Hall

  18. Employee Interview - Continued • Teamwork or individuality? • Caring and accommodating employer? • How does WB use employee skills? • Does WB encourage people to be self-reliant and practical? 18 Bethany Hall

  19. Thoughts on working for Warner Brothers and the culture you’re a part of? 19 Bethany Hall

  20. WB has a nice overview of company culture on their website: Bethany Hall 20

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  22. A History of Creativity. A Commitment to the Community 22