be rubylicious with gemstone jewelry by charu n.
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Be Rubylicious with Gemstone Jewelry by Charu Jewels PowerPoint Presentation
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Be Rubylicious with Gemstone Jewelry by Charu Jewels

Be Rubylicious with Gemstone Jewelry by Charu Jewels

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Be Rubylicious with Gemstone Jewelry by Charu Jewels

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  1. Be Rubylicious with Gemstone Jewelry by Charu Jewels

  2. Gemstones speak louder than words and when it is about Ruby, there is something special about it. Ruby draws inspiration from Sun, which holds indispensible role in Indian culture. It can be undoubtedly called as soul of universe. Qualities of the Sun are imbibed by Ruby, which makes it strong and most revered gemstone of all. There are interesting things to know from Ruby. It has many astrological benefits which are as follows: Leadership Qualities It is said that Ruby holds the leadership quality, the one which is derived from the Sun and the wearer of this stone is bound to get strong support and is likely to possess best administrative qualities. Confidence and Status Booster The color of ruby is literally confidence booster and mood refresher. It helps overcome tiredness quickly with its pleasant appeal. It also represents royalty, authority and luxury at its peak. Passion of Love Somewhere, the color of love is better represented by red till date. Love, warmth and compassion are radiated from light to dark shades of ruby. Personality Enhancer One can feel revitalized and energetic by wearing Ruby. It indicates striking and charismatic personality of the wearer. Creativity Enhancer It plays an influential role in the life of creatively innovative people. It inspires oneself to do more of the stuff he/she likes.

  3. Presenting Ruby Studded Gorgeousness by Charu Jewels As far as we have already seen the benefits of owning gemstone jewelry, you might be looking for the best in town designs of bijouterie embellished with prettiness of Ruby. Let us start exploring the ultimate collection from Diamond Rings which are marvelous creation of our vitrines. As gemstones are not advisable to be adorned regularly, they are the most recommended ones when it comes to party wear accessories.

  4. Ruby Red Color suits perfectly well with most of Indian outfits which are adorned during occasions as they contain fine embroidery and thread work which is a beautiful combination of colors and so Ruby studded diamond chandelier earrings will be a great buy!

  5. Designer Diamond Gemstone Pendants seem prettier when they are embellished with center stone. Gemstone has beauty unlike anything else because they allow light and reflect it. When you wear them, they add up to your elegance as well as make your neckline sparkling.

  6. While pendants are brilliant choices, one can easily fall in love with Gemstone Pendant Sets we have created for you. Not only are they made to pair with ethnic attire, but with western outfits too. You can undoubtedly achieve luxurious look with these richly studded bijouterie which is crafted only for you.

  7. While every jewelry item is getting flourished with gemstones, how can we keep party wear diamond bracelets refrained? Here are some of our coolest designs from exclusive party wear wrist wear collection.

  8. Loved those designs? Shop them now from Charu Jewels and flaunt your style wherever you go with a distinct and handcrafted adornment.