how to keep your basement dry this winter n.
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How to Keep Your Basement Dry This Winter PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Keep Your Basement Dry This Winter

How to Keep Your Basement Dry This Winter

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How to Keep Your Basement Dry This Winter

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  1. How to Keep Your Basement Dry This Winter

  2. Avoid Humidity Winter may be cold and harsh, but this doesn't mean that your home can't become hot and sticky—you still must actively prevent humidity.

  3. Check Your Sump Pump Fixtures may freeze and become unusable, so remove the discharge hose before the cold strikes, and keep an eye on the discharge pipe.

  4. Create Proper Drainage Check the drains inside your home for any debris that could eventually clog them. Also if you have window wells, make sure they have several inches of gravel.

  5. Fill in Foundation Cracks If moisture spills into your basement and sits for too long, you may eventually notice water damage on your ceiling, walls, and floor.

  6. Clean Your Downspouts and Gutters Gutters and downspouts are essential for channelling away from our homes, and fall is the perfect time to clean gutters and downspouts

  7. Insulate Your Basement Insulation does a wonderful job at sealing any openings, so the wind won't blow wet snow into your home.

  8. Line Your Home with Dirt The dirt surrounding your home acts as a basic between moisture and your home's foundation.

  9. Shovel Snow ASAP When piled up snow melts, it's more likely that the water will flood your living space.

  10. Wet Basement Resolutions 51 44th St. N., Wasaga Beach, ON, L9Z 1Z2 PH : 1-844-202-0112