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  1. HUMOR WEB SITES by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen 31

  2. BUSINESS Dilbert: Humor at Work (Clyde Fahlman): Humorworks (John Morreall): The Office: 31

  3. CARTOONISTS (PULITZER PRIZE WINNERS) 2000 Pulitzer Prize (Joel Pett): 2001 Pulitzer Prize (Ann Telnaes): 2002 Pulitzer Prize (Clay Bennett): 2003 Pulitzer Prize (David Horsey): 2004 Pulitzer Prize (Matt Davies): 31

  4. Cartoonists (Pulitzer Prize Winners) 2005 Pulitzer Prize (Nick Anderson): 2006 Pulitzer Prize (Mike Luckovich): 2007 Pulitzer Prize (Walt Handelsman): 2008 Pulitzer Prize (Michael Ramirez): 2009 Pulitzer Prize (Steve Breen): 31

  5. COMIC ANIMATION I American Dad: Fairly Odd Parents: Family Guy: Futurama: Over the Hedge: 31

  6. Comic Animation II Ratatouille: The Simpsons: South Park: Sponge Bob Square Pants: Team America: World Police: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 31

  7. ETHNICITY I Dave Chappelle: Margaret Cho: George Lopez: 31

  8. Ethnicity II Carlos Mencia: Chris Rock: Yiddish with Dick and Jane: 31

  9. FAKE NEWS Steven Colbert: Al Franken: Al Franken, Not: Bill Maher: John Stewart (The Daily Show): 31

  10. GENDER HUMOR Margaret Cho: Desperate Housewives: Friends: Ellen Degeneres: Two and a Half Men: Will and Grace: 31

  11. HUMOR RESEARCH I The Association for the Study of Play: Don Nilsen: The Humor Collection (Ruth Hamilton): Humor Matters (Steve Sultanoff): 31

  12. HUMOR RESEARCH II The Humor Project (Joel Goodman): International Society for Humor Studies (Martin Lampert, Executive Secretary): International Society for Humor Studies (Don Nilsen, Historian): Sniglets (Rich Hall): 31

  13. LATE NIGHT TALK SHOWS I Adam Carolla: Stephen Colbert: Craig Ferguson: Jimmy Kimmell: Jay Leno: 31

  14. LATE NIGHT TALK SHOWS II David Letterman: Demetri Martin: Conan O’Brien: Jon Stewart: Saturday Night Live: 31

  15. LITERATURE Humorous Troping: J. K. Rowling: Lemony Snicket: Art Spiegelman: 31

  16. MEDICINE Gesundheit Institute (Patch Adams): Grey’s Anatomy: Scrubs: 31

  17. MOVIES I Anchorman: Annie Hall (Woody Allen): Bad Santa: Better Off Dead: Beverly Hills Cop: 31

  18. MOVIES II The Big Labowski: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Blades of Glory: Blazing Saddles: Borat: 31

  19. MOVIES III Fargo: Ferris Bueler’s Day Off: The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Film and Television Website Archive: Four Rooms: 31

  20. MOVIES IV The Hangover: Idiocracy: Inglourious Basterds: Bullets Over Broadway (Woody Allen): Jackass 2: 31

  21. MOVIES V Jesus is Magic (Sarah Silverman): Life is Beautiful: The Life of Brian (Monty Python): Little Miss Sunshine: Meet the Fockers: 31

  22. MOVIES VI Movies: My Best Friend’s Girl: Night at the Museum: One Crazy Summer: The Producers (Mel Brooks): 31

  23. MOVIES VII Quest for the Holy Grail (Monty Python): Spaceballs (Mel Brooks): Talladega Nights: War of the Roses: 31

  24. SATIRE Harvard Lampoon: Mad Magazine: Thank you Maskman (Lenny Bruce): The Mad Martian Museum of Modern Madness: The Onion (Carol Kolb): 31

  25. STAND-UP COMEDY & SKITS George Carlin: Jeff Foxworthy: Saturday Night Live: Who’s on first? 31

  26. TV Sit Coms I 30 Rock: http:/// Better Off Ted: The Big Bang Theory: Cheers: Community: 31

  27. TV SITCOMS II The Cosby Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Desperate Housewives: Everybody Loves Raymond: Frasier: 31

  28. TV Sit Coms III The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire: Friends: Full House: Zach Galifanakis (Live at the Purple Onion): The Golden Girls: 31

  29. TV SIT COMS IV Growing Pains: Home Improvement: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Jeffersons: The King of Queens: 31

  30. TV Sit Coms V Malcolm in the Middle: Married with Children: Maude: My Hero: My Name is Earl: 31

  31. !TV SIT COMS VI The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Odd Couple: The Office: Scrubs: Seinfeld: 31

  32. !!TV SIT COMS VII Sex and the City: Sister, Sister: Spin City: Steve Harvey: Still Standing: 31

  33. !!!TV SIT COMS VIII That 70s Show: Two and a Half Men: Tyler Perry’s House of Payne: The Vicar of Dibley: War at Home: The winner: 31