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Koala Bears

Koala Bears

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Koala Bears

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  1. Koala Bears By: Ariane Monticone

  2. Koala bears are interesting animals. Let’s go and learn all about this cool animal. There are so many facts about them. Koala bears have so many different adaptations. Their life cycle is very interesting and cool. Also Koala bears eat a very good type of leaf.

  3. Awesome Adaptations Here are some of the Koala bear’s awesome adaptations. Koala bears have very sharp claws to get their food… eucalyptus leaves! These leaves are high up in trees so Koala bears need claws to climb up in trees. Also they have sensitive hair on their nose to find the yummiest, tasting eucalyptus leaves. Also, you know what… Koala bears lick their hands to lower their body temperature! How cool is that!

  4. Food and Feeding As you know Koala bears eat eucalyptus leaves and over time they have developed a cheek like pouch to keep their food in. Some more interesting facts about the Koala bears diet is that Koala bears eat 1-2 pounds of leaves per day. Wow that’s a lot! Also Koala bears could not survive if there weren’t any eucalyptus leaves.

  5. Awesome Life Cycle The Koala bear’s life cycle is so cool. Here is how it goes… first the Koala bear breeds in September through March. It will breed at three years old. Then thirty-five days later the female Koala bear will give birth. The baby Koala bear is called a joey. The joey is as big as three jellybeans and weighs less than a gram. Next the joey will get in the mother Koala bear’s pouch and will stay there for twenty-two weeks. It will drink the mother Koala bear’s milk. The joey is growing every day. Finally at three years old the life cycle will start all over again. Isn’t the Koala bears life cycle awesome?

  6. Now that you know all about Koala bears you might think there as interesting as I think they are. Their adaptation, life cycle and diet are so much fun to learn about. Koala bears are so cool! Everyone should be able to know all about Koala bears!

  7. Resources • • • • Book: Mammals-page 12 Author: Beatrice MacLeod • Card 21 on Koala bears

  8. A Koala bear on a tree bark. A crawling Koala bear. What a cutie! Female Koala bear with its baby. Peek-a-boo! What a sleepy head!