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How to Easily Expand Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Easily Expand Your Business

How to Easily Expand Your Business

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How to Easily Expand Your Business

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  1. How to Easily Expand Your Business Summary: Once you are comfortably selling online on your chosen platform, you may want to start expanding your business and sell on more platforms. It can be a big step going onto a new platform like Amazon, but with some planning and determination, anyone can do it! Selling online is a great thing to do and can be great for any business to do. Once you are comfortable selling on one platform you may want to expand your business onto something new to help your business grow and expand. A great platform to sell on is Amazon. It is one of the biggest online marketplaces out there and is a great place to start selling your products on. To start selling on amazon you first need to decide what of your products you want to sell there. For example, if you sell on EKM you should go through your EKM inventory to see what products are best for you to sell on Amazon so you are not putting products on that you do not think will sell. After that, you should create your account. When you register to sell on Amazon there are different plans that you can choose from, there is the ‘Basic Account’ and a ‘Professional Account’ that you can choose from. If you plan on selling less than 35 products per month you are best going for a Basic Account package as you only pay when you sell something and it is the best option for a small business just starting out. Any other type of business that has been selling for a while will benefit the most from the Professional Account, at £25 excluding VAT. This account package is the best package for a volume of sales.

  2. Once you have chosen your plan you can continue the registration process which is a simple task that requires you to simply fill out your details. Amazon will ask for some basic information such as your phone number and your company registration details. You will also be asked to full out your primary contact information, the type of information you will be asked to provide is a valid ID to prove who you are and the residential address of the seller. In some cases, you may be asked to provide proof of address where you will be asked to provide a utility bill or a bank statement. Once you have set up your amazon seller central integration account and begin to sell on your new marketplace, you may find it difficult to keep up with your stores. That is where a multi-channel software comes in place. By having a software that allows you to manage all your sales channels is a great benefit as it allows you to keep on top of all your online business aspects. You can also get specific software like an order management system to just help you manage your multi-channel orders. A good order management system should allow you to manage your orders from one central place and allowing you to edit and dispatch them from the same place. To conclude, to start selling on Amazon can be a great opportunity for you and your business. It can allow you to grow and increase sales. It is also very easy to create an account and to start selling on Amazon. The key is finding an easy way to manage your stores across multiple platfroms with ease. With the right multi-channel software you can do it easily! Author Bio: Jordan is a website designer and marketing content writer, having experience writing design, marketing and software writing. Contact Us: Contact Person - James MacDuff Designation - Support Manager

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