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Scupper downspout nozzle PowerPoint Presentation
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Scupper downspout nozzle

Scupper downspout nozzle

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Scupper downspout nozzle

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  1. PVC Downspout Nozzle Downspouts are used to direct water from the roof, down, and away from a building. Using a PVC downspout rather than a metal one can extend the life of the gutter and downspout system. PVC material is weatherproof and is not subject to rust, which may attack a metal gutter system. PVC is also a tough material that can withstand a lot of weight, and is useful if burying of the downspout is required.

  2. PVC Scupper Drain When replacing the downspouts on a building, you need to determine how high up the gutter is from the ground, and how far away from the building you want the water to be diverted. Most downspouts come directly down to the ground and the water is then diverted through a curved piece which only sends it about a foot from the building. This method works fine if the soil near the building has a slope which will direct the flow away, and keep it from pooling around the foundation of the building.

  3. Plastic Downspout The right gutter and downspout system plays a vital role in keeping the foundation of a house or other building in good shape. It can turn a water guzzling family into an eco-family with a surprisingly low cost. Replacing those old metal downspouts with new PVC downspouts can make a nice weekend project for the DIY homeowner looking for a way to improve their home. New gutters and downspouts will also increase the value of the real estate for later resale.

  4. Scupper Downspout Nozzle All list prices include free ground shipping.  If you need a shipping option other than ground or 2-Day, please contact us for pricing.

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