start making profit using fob draft system n.
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Start Making Profit Using Fob Draft System PowerPoint Presentation
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Start Making Profit Using Fob Draft System

Start Making Profit Using Fob Draft System

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Start Making Profit Using Fob Draft System

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  1. Start Making Profit Using Fob Draft System An FOB draft system is made to keep your beer lines filled with brew only. The FOB detects an empty drum and stops the flow of beer, eliminating the foam you get from an empty drum. It also removes the requirement to fill the pipes with beer and clear air from the draft system. If you don’t have a FOB installed on your brew line, when your drum empties, your faucet starts to spit and spray foam. How It Works Brew flowing through the beer line and FOB lifts a float ball to the top of the system’s chamber. When your barrel begins to empty and the flow of beer is slower, the float ball falls inside the chamber. This leads instant sealing on the fob outlet, thus eliminating brew loss by cutting the flow in the system line when the barrel gets empty. Why Choose Us? The fob draft beer system will refine your benefits with foam detectors. Fob detectors will raise your profits by merely reducing the amount of brew lost in the foam. Each

  2. barrel has a specific profitability, but this quantity gets reduced with each spill and every drop of beer that wasted If you want to save money, time and less wastage of beer. Equipped with our Fob Draft System. Benefits of Fob Draft System The FOB draft system stops beer flow instantly when a keg empties, keeping the supply line full of beer. Beer is no longer wasted as foam when a new keg is tapped Reduces the amount of CO2 or Beer Gas used because it no longer fills the supply line and escapes out of the tap. Manual hand cleaning is easy because the FOB draft system can be completely taken apart and put back together in a few minutes. This design also makes servicing the units, if necessary, quick and easy. Your new fob draft beer is warranted for 5 YEARS CLICK HERE