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Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta

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Mu Alpha Theta

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  1. Mu Alpha Theta October 1st 2009

  2. Agenda • Members • Officers • Homecoming Parade • Math Question of the Week • Peer Tutoring • Math Competition • Mu Alpha Theta Club Events • Fundraising • Scholarship Search • Open Forum

  3. Members • All Applications and Dues ($10.00) are due to Mrs. Hall in room F101 or Ms. Vinson in room 606 by Monday, October 5th • We cannot start operating until our list is turned into the National Mu Alpha Theta office • Induction Ceremony on Thursday, October 15th at 3:30-4:00pm

  4. Officers • We will elect officers at our next meeting on Thursday, October 8th 2009 (only those who have paid by the 5th may run) • We need a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Website Manager • Prepare a 5 minute speech for Thursday. • There will be an officers meeting on Tuesday, October 13th to discuss the club constitution

  5. Homecoming Parade • If you will participate forms need to be returned to Mrs. Hall or Ms. Vinson by Monday, October 12th • The Parade in on Friday, October 23rd • Number of Students Participating? • Walking or driving in the parade? • Float or carrying signs? • PRIZES—awarded to organization: • Best Float • Best Parade Entry—Best Display of Cardinal Pride

  6. Math Question of the Week • We need the club finalized before we can do any activities • Our first Math Question of the Week will begin on Monday, October 26th • We need a volunteer to design a Flyer • Location- Turn in forms to room F101 and 606 • Time of Activity- Before/After School or During Lunch? • Deadline for submission Date/Time?

  7. Math Question of the Week • We will vary the difficulty • Math 1 • Math 2 • Algebra 2 • Geometry • Trig/Analysis • Calculus • $1.00 for entry • Prize= McDonalds Gift Card $5.00

  8. Math Question of the Week Osborne is having a homecoming parade and all the clubs need to fit on the field. There is one problem though. Mu Alpha Theta and the Key Club have to divide up a rectangular area whose width is 5x2 + 20x + 10 and whose length is x3 + 2x2 + 4x +20 into two equal parts. What is the area Mu Alpha Theta would get if x=3?

  9. Peer Tutoring • Peer Tutoring Training will start Thursday, November 5th 2009 • Peer Tutoring will start in January 2009 • We will only tutor Math 1 students

  10. Math Competitions The 2009-2010 Mu Alpha Log 1 Contest will be a pen and paper format and will again be run by the Mount Rainier High School Math Team, MRHS. Information about the contest is at their website: Teachers will go here to register their school for the competition after October 1, 2009. The 2009-2010 contest will consist of three testing rounds. The first round will include two Topic Tests. Students may either take the Logs/Exponents Test or the Probability Test.

  11. Math Competition Round 1 material will be available for download on December 1, 2009. The test is to be downloaded, administered and test scores uploaded by December 17, 2009. Round 2 material will be available for download on January 16, 2010. The test is to be downloaded, administered and test scores uploaded by February 7, 2010. Round 3 material will be available for download on March 1, 2010. The test is to be downloaded, administered and test scores uploaded by March 17, 2010.

  12. Math Competition Again this year, Mu Alpha Theta will offer a Convention Grant to the top school in each region! A Convention Grant provides up to $3000 for three free registrations to the National Convention in Washington, DC in July, with the remaining funds available for another registration or transportation reimbursement. The National Office will also provide some TI 89, TI Nspire Calculators, and copies of the Computer Algebra System, Mathematica, as prizes to be given at random to participants that take all three tests. MRHS shall post Round 1 and Round 2 interim results after each round to their website and should have final award recipient information to Mu Alpha Theta by April 15, 2009.

  13. Math Competitions

  14. Mu Alpha Theta Events • College Visit to Kennesaw State University TBA • STEM Program TBA • The 40th Mu Alpha Theta National Convention will be held July 25 - 30, 2010 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel near Washington, D.C.

  15. Fundraising • We need funds for the following activities • Peer Tutoring Program Supplies • Club Shirts • College Visits • National Conference

  16. Scholarship Search

  17. Kalin Award • Each Chapter is allowed to nominate one Mu Alpha Theta member for the Kalin Award per year. The Sponsor of the Chapter will determine how the Chapter's nominee is selected. The Application Form* consists of three parts. • Personal information provided by the nominee, including high school achievements, service to Mu Alpha Theta, and an essay. Do not send more information than is requested. • Two recommendation letters, one from the nominee's Mu Alpha Theta Chapter Sponsor, the other by an individual of the nominee's choice (no relatives, please). Do not send more than two recommendation letters. • Academic record completed by the nominee's principal, counselor, or other school officer. • All three parts of the application must be postmarked by June 15

  18. Andree Award • Each Chapter may submit one high school senior and one college undergraduate nomination per year. The nominee need not attend the National Convention to be considered. The Sponsor of the Chapter will determine how the Chapter's nominees are selected. The Application Form* consists of three parts. • Personal information provided by the nominee, including high school/college activities and an essay titled 'Why I Want to be a Mathematics Teacher' • Exactly three recommendation letters, one from the nominee's Mu Alpha Theta Chapter Sponsor, the others by individuals of the nominee's choice (no relatives, please). These must verify the nominee's interest in teaching mathematics. Do not submit more than three recommendation letters. • Academic records completed by the nominee's principal, counselor, or other school officer. If the nominee is a current college student, a transcript of collegiate grades should be submitted in addition to high school records. • All application materials must be postmarked no later than March 1

  19. Rubin Award • This is a CHAPTER Award • To be eligible, the chapter should print and submit the application Form and should submit a maximum three page description of the mathematics service project, single sided, double spaced. The three pages may include pictures, news articles or other printed visual information. Also include two supporting letters from someone on the receiving end of the project. • The Form and supporting information should be submitted to the National Office, postmarked no later than March 1

  20. 2009 Winner of Rubin Award • Congratulations to Columbus High School in Columbus, GA, recipients of the 2009 Diane Rubin Award. • Their Mu Alpha Theta chapter has run an elementary student math (K-5) competition for 9 years and a middle school student (6-8) math competition for the last 6 years. Chapter members write an individual test, a team ciphering test and design a t-shirt for participants. Every student that comes gets a certificate of participation and a t-shirt. Trophies are awarded to the top three overall scorers on the individual test and to the top three teams. • The Diane Rubin Award was established in 2004 by the Governing Council of Mu Alpha Theta to be presented annually. The award was named in honor of Diane Rubin who worked tirelessly at the National Office of Mu Alpha Theta for twenty years, before her retirement in December, 2003. • The award will be presented to the Mu Alpha Theta chapter which has a history of outstanding mathematics service to its community for at least two years. This service must promote interest in mathematics and benefit a group other than its own chapter or its students. A prize of $500 and a distinguished plaque will be given. The award will be presented at the National Convention, but a representative of the chapter need not be present to win. However, to encourage the chapter to attend, two free registrations and up to $500 towards travel expenses to the convention will be provided.

  21. Scholarship Search • The Mu Alpha Theta Scholarship is a scholarship for outstanding graduating High School seniors or graduating Two-Year College students who are members, in good standing, of an active Mu Alpha Theta Chapter and will be pursuing a math-related career. The recipient of this award should have provided exemplary leadership and service to their Mu Alpha Theta chapter or other mathematics students in some way and by doing so advanced the mission of Mu Alpha Theta. Up to twelve $4000 scholarships will be available each year. • Due Date is March 1st

  22. Scholarship Search • Math Minds research project due date March 15, 2010. • Texas Instruments, is offering scholarship opportunities at this site. • Enter to win $8,400 scholarship for college seniors who excel in science and mathematics. • Submit an essay and get a chance to win $1000 shopping spree • Design a slide case cover and get chance to win $1000 shopping spree and • Test prep applications for the TI-84 Plus

  23. Scholarship Search • QuestBridge assists outstanding low-income students with the college admissions process. They help students to gain admission by partnering with 17 of the nation’s leading colleges and universities, including Princeton, Amherst, Rice, Stanford, Williams and Yale.

  24. Scholarship Search • The Casualty Actuarial Society/Society of Actuaries scholarship program is available to the following groups that are under-represented in the actuarial profession: African American, Hispanic, and Native North American. An applicant must be either a U.S. citizen or have a permanent resident visa.

  25. Scholarship Search • Siemens Westinghouse Science and Technology Award - Through the premier science and technology competition in the country, the Siemens Foundation offers scholarships of up to $100,000 for excellent performace in developing science research projects. • To view other Mathematical Scholarships, see this site. •

  26. Mu Alpha Theta Mathematical Presentation Contest Students will select a topic that is an extension of course work or a topic of interest to a high school student. He/she will investigate the topic mathematically and using a method of choice will present it to Mu Alpha Theta electronically no later than midnight CST, February 1, 2010.

  27. Summer Grant Information • Mu Alpha Theta is offering Summer Math Program/Research Grants to Full members. Grants may be requested for up to $2000 per student. High school members may request grants through the summer after high school graduation. Two-Year college students may request money through the summer after they graduation from their member college. Coursework taken using grant money may not be used for courses that are typically available at the high school or the student's home college, such as Calculus I, Calculus II or Statistics. Grant money may be used to pay tuition or fees for a summer math program at, or sponsored by, an accredited school or university. Money will also be granted to reimburse expenses for doing research in mathematics or applied mathematics. This may include, but is not limited to, housing, travel, publication fees, or supplies. Money provided for tuition and fees will be sent directly to the institution offering the program. Student's receiving reimbursed expenses will be asked to provide receipts for reimbursed items and a social security number for tax purposes. The member's service to and active participation in his/her Mu Alpha Theta club may be considered in the grant selection process.

  28. Open Forum