lambda theta alpha latin sorority inc 2010 2011 chapter president training n.
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Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. 2010-2011 Chapter President Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. 2010-2011 Chapter President Training

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. 2010-2011 Chapter President Training

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Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. 2010-2011 Chapter President Training

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  1. Presented by… Amanda Lee Cantu Area Supervisor 2010-2011 Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. 2010-2011 Chapter President Training

  2. Chain of Command

  3. Overview • Responsibilities • Paperwork • Chapter Requirements • Questions

  4. Chapter President Responsibilities Constitution: Article VIII Section II Letter A Chapter President • The Chapter President (CP) shall attend Area meetings and vote as the official Chapter delegate. • The CP shall preside over all chapter meetings. • The CP shall have the authority to appoint Chapter Special Committees. The CP may also appoint members of a Special Committee with the approval of the Chapter Executive Board • The CP shall direct all business of the chapter and shall represent the chapter in activities and campus events. • The CP shall request a letter from the Greek Advisor stating the chapter’s current status, on a semester basis.

  5. Responsibilities Continued • The CP shall keep a file cabinet with copies of all chapter records (i.e. community service letters, reports, agendas, minutes, flyers, orientation information, sisterhood manual, etc.) • The CP shall ensure that the chapter is fulfilling its responsibilities. • The CP shall follow Internal Controls included in the Sister Manual. • The CP shall report to the Area Supervisor. • The CP shall have the power to impose fines accordingly, due to non-attendance, lateness, failure to submit reports, and late paperwork. Monies shall be college by the financial officer of the board to follow internal controls and chain of command. • The CP must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.50

  6. Responsibilities Continued Preside over all Chapter meetings • Shall lead all Chapter Executive Board meetings • Shall run meetings per Robert’s Rules • Shall ensure all requests made by the Area Executive Board are fulfilled • Shall ensure all chapter officers have submitted required paperwork • Shall ensure all chapter officers/members are fulfilling their responsibilities

  7. Responsibilities Continued Authorized signor of Chapter bank account • Shall have signing authority over Chapter Bank account. • Shall perform a monthly finance reconciliation with the Chapter treasurer per Internal Controls. • Shall request an additional bank statement to be used for chapter reconciliation.

  8. Responsibilities Continued Academics • Assist the Chapter Academic Chair in creating a chapter academic study plan. • Assist the Chapter Academic Chair in ensuring that Academic Progress Reports are being filled out and turned into the Chapter Academic Chair. • Create rules and regulations for chapter members on Academic Probation and their involvement level in the chapter.

  9. Paperwork • Chapter Executive Board Report • Chapter Status Letter (Letter of Good Standing) • Monthly Activities Report • Updated Chapter By-Laws • Chapter Demographics Report • Chapter GPA Log

  10. Undergrad Chapter Requirements • Must be in good standing with the school administration and its policies • Official mailing address on campus for all correspondence • Must have representation at all Area meetings and mandatory national events • Develop bylaws by which to follow • Weekly Chapter Meetings • 4 community service projects per semester • Chapter philanthropy • 2 different fundraisers per month

  11. Requirements Continued • 2 educational program per semester on campus (1 academically based) • 2 educational programs for orientees • 1 Program co-sponsored with another active organization on campus • Annual Chapter packet • Must establish/maintain a bank account • All reports listed on the Chapter Paperwork List • Fulfill requests by Area/National Directors

  12. Any Other Questions ???

  13. AS contact information 888 Dayton Ave Saint Paul, MN 55104 210-478-9689

  14. Special Message from the 2010-2011 Area Finance Supervisor To all my 2010-2011 Chapter Presidents, I look forward to working with you all this upcoming year!!!  With Unity, Love and Respect Amanda Lee Cantu