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Spirit of Cricket PowerPoint Presentation
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Spirit of Cricket

Spirit of Cricket

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Spirit of Cricket

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  1. Spirit of Cricket “To uphold and promote the positive values associated with the spirit of cricket” Including: • Traditions of the game • Cricketing etiquette for - batsmen, fielders, and umpires

  2. Traditions of the game At the toss: • Captains must be dressed in cricket attire • Home captain to • toss coin • Visiting captain to call • Toss takes place on the field of play

  3. Traditions of the game At the start of a session of play: Umpires enter field of play FIRST, followed by fielding captain and his team and then the two batsmen At the end of a session of play: Batsmen leave field FIRST followed by the fielding side then the umpires

  4. Traditions of the game Players should acknowledge efforts of opposition e.g. acknowledging a batsman’s 50 or 100 or the taking of 5 wickets by a bowler

  5. Traditions of the game It is correct to applaud your own team’s efforts e.g. applaud a good catch, shot, piece of fielding

  6. Traditions of the game It is NOT correct to applaud errors and/or misfortunes of opposition e.g. do NOT applaud when a bowler delivers a No ball or Wide or a fielder drops a catch or mis-fields the ball

  7. Traditions of the game Players should acknowledge applause from opposition and spectators

  8. Traditions of the game At end of game teams should shake hands

  9. Traditions of the game It is only common courtesy that, at the end of the game, you thank: • Umpires • Scorers • Ground staff • Caterers • Home club officials

  10. Actions of the fielding side Do NOT appeal when you know a batsman is not out Do NOT put undue pressure on umpires by: • Frivolous appealing • Loud, orchestrated and • constant appeals • Advancing towards the • umpire when appealing

  11. Actions of the fielding side Help umpires by signalling when the ball has reached the boundary Do NOT keep up an incessant verbal barrage of comments to, or about a batsman’s ability Do NOT sledge the batsmen Bowlers should NOT follow through and engage in eye to eye contact with batsman or make rude comments about the batsman or the shot he has just played

  12. Actions of the fielding side Thank the umpire when passing him your sweater or cap to look after during the over and when he returns these items If questioning the umpire on any point – do it politely andaccept his response, even though you may not agree with him

  13. Actions of the fielding side • Apologise to a batsman if an accidental full pitch delivery (beamer) is bowled • If non-striker is leaving his crease early – it is traditional to ‘warn’ him, • rather than simply run him out • Applaud a batsman’s 50 • or 100 • Thank a batsman if he • ‘walks’ • Applaud an injured • Batsman when he recovers

  14. Actions of the fielding side At a drinks break: • Always ensure the umpires receive a drink • Do not sit on the • ground • Do not leave the field • Do not take longer • than necessary

  15. Actions of the batting side • Be honest and if you know you • have hit the ball and it is • caught – ‘walk’ • When asking for a guard say: • ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ • Non-strikers end, do not leave your crease until the bowler has delivered the ball • Accept the umpire’s decision even though you • may not agree with it and/or are disappointed

  16. Actions of the batting side • Do not stand at the crease in defiance of the decision • Do not wave your bat in the air or point to it when given out L.B.W. • Do not knock stumps with the bat or body • Do not criticise the umpire and/or his decision to your team-mates or spectators

  17. Actions of the umpire • Always answer appeals – do not ignore the players • Talk to players as you would wish to be spoken to • Hold bowler’s sweater, cap etc. during the over • If bowler asks - move your position, back or forward • At the end of the game thank the players and scorers

  18. Spirit of Cricket EVERYONE has a responsibility to ensure that the match is played within the Spirit of the Game These include: captains players umpires scorers managers and coaches parents and spectators

  19. Spirit of Cricket • If we can: • Protect the spirit of cricket • Promote & enhance the • history & heritage of cricket • Maintain & enhance the traditional spirit of the game • Uphold & promote the • values & standards of cricket THEN CRICKET WILL BE THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD!