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Today Youth & Employment PowerPoint Presentation
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Today Youth & Employment

Today Youth & Employment

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Today Youth & Employment

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  1. Today Youth & Employment Christie Alwis BSc (Eng) Hons,MIET, C. Eng (Lond),FIESL (Sri Lanka) 24th September, 2009 – 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm @ Aquinas University College – Colombo. Institute of Spiritual Formation of Asia

  2. Youth Today • What is Today? • Why Speak of Youth Today? • Why not speak about Youth Yesterday or 10 years back?

  3. What is Today? • What we observe in ‘PAST’? • Agricultural Revolution • Industrial revolution • Then, What is ‘PRESENT’? • Communication Revolution (All people will have telephones, will use Internet Email, will use storage devices like pen drive) • What we can observe in ‘FUTURE’? You Like to go to Astrologer ! NO! • Transport and Energy Revolution Life is Flowing

  4. Effects Of Revolution • The paradigm changes • The way of living of people changes with the revolutions • The revolutions will take may be 100 years. • Human will have the following 3 major parameters to change his way of living. • That is efficiency, productivity & effectiveness • The revolutions will make human more efficient than previous.

  5. Efficiency • Efficiency = The resources needed to do a job according to your mind set Actual resources we used according to Present Day Technology • If you’re mind is set for the old revolution definitely your efficiency will not match for the present era( you will be inefficient without your knowledge),then your productivity and effectiveness will be lower. • Ex: If you’re mind is set before the industrial revolution you might think you need 5 days to go from Negombo to Colombo by a bullockcart. But if you use a car ,you can go with in 1 hour. • Hence the efficiency in this case will be: • Efficiency = 5*24/1=168

  6. Why Church encourage to use Latest Technology.., • In the Gospel with regard to fasting • Jesus Questioned About Fasting Luke 5: 6, Mathew 9: 14, Mark 2: 18 • How can the guests of the bridegroom mourn while he is with them? • No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment, making the tear worse. • Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved. • 39And no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for he says, 'The old is better.‘ Analyse the Above Carefully. We does not want new wine. Tendency is to stay with old wine, hence we are fasting while the God says no need to fast, when He is there.

  7. Latest Technology to whom Animal Humans Latest Technology

  8. Who are Humans? How many Living Categories in the World? 2 Those are: 1. Animals 2. Plants Animal = You ?

  9. Our great greatgreatgreatgreat ……………………………………Grandfather?

  10. Basic Needs for Living…, Basic Needs for Animals, Humans and Plant Sun Light, Earth, Water, Air, Food. Sex, Shelter, Clothes is it a basic need? Without the basic needs, the living beings cannot exist. But Human need one more element. What is that? Fire Hence Human is not an Animal. Human who thinks as animal behaves like animals!!!

  11. The characteristic of Fire • Good Barbeque • Can kill a person.

  12. The Item available in our human beings Similar to Fire MIND Can be use For GOOD Can be use to destroy a human being.

  13. Then ,Who are we? How many Living Categories in the World? 3 Those are: 1. Animals 2. Trees 3. Human Beings

  14. What is the Present Revolution? Communication Revolution. • Voice Communication – Global Village. • Data Communication – Internet & E mail with use of computers. • Storage – CD, Pen Drives, …. Already Achieved Now Ongoing Now Ongoing

  15. Evolution of the Voice Communication? (Has taken more than 100 years) • Sir. Alexander Graham bell invented the telephone in 1869. • Altogether 125 years ellapsed from Alexander Grahambell • The world is moving and the way of living of the people also moves. . 2000 1869 1945

  16. Evolution of the Data Communication Church View using communication • Vatican Curia-Pontifical Council for Social Communication – in 1940 Pope Pius XII established an office in the Vatican to examine the morality and proudnes of new present of motion pictures. Since 1984, an American Archbishop John P. Polly has headed the council. • The second Vatican Council identified the need of media to reach many people by ‘Inter Mirifica’ the responsibility of church and the lay people to participating in spreading Gospel message.

  17. Power of Data Communication • The Vatican Web site is housed on three main servers, named “Michael”, ”Gabriel”, and “Raphael” for the archangels. Because the word angel literally means “messenger”, it seemed appropriate to name the three tools for the Vatican`s outreach into cyberspace after God`s three main messengers. • During the period between Pope John Paul 2`s death and the conclave that elected his successor, the staff of the Web site worked around the clock heroically to keep these servers from crashing. Why would they crash, you ask? During that time (April 2005), it`s estimated that the Vatican Web site received around 50 million hits (or visitors) each day from people worldwide seeking official information.

  18. As a Result of Data and Storage Communication Revolution..? • Today the Sinhala Gospel is in Internet? Dynamic website for spiritual education. Inform your friends in Abroad Now You can see

  19. Computer and Human? • Like a Bicycle, Computer has become a tool use by the human beings. • What is Computer? Is it similar to Human? (If you want to study in details, a special training available @ elctro institute Negombo. Please contact Rev. Bro. Victor, FMS – 0715910191 or Visit


  21. EFFECTS OF REVOLUTION.., ANIMAL COMPUTER HUMAN Change for every 4 years NOTHING CHANGED Dynamically CHANGED Nature/ God is always good for Humans Size will be 1/2 (Stagnate) Speed will be double Stagnate Water in Manila Mahaweli river in Peradeniya Babarakanda Fall

  22. Characteristic comparison Characteristic Inactive, reactive , proactive Programmed Instinct bahaviour Only humans can be proactive. But most of the people are reactive and they don’t go beyond that level. An apple tree will only give apples , there is a purpose for the apple tree. What is the ultimate goal of a human? Happiness

  23. Animal Cannot SIN • Human’s Freedom will use his freewill. • Freewill result in Morale Acts which can be good or bad. • Hence only Human can sin (I cannot do anything I want, if it result in others being harmed)

  24. Challenge of Youth.., • Does Moral Law change with Time? 2 + 2 = 4 does not change with time and space. Moral Laws also does not change, But the way of living is changing. This is the challenge of the Youth at any period of time.

  25. Basic Principles examples Catholic Religion The Church has no authority whatsoever to change the substance of what is used and necessary for any of the seven sacraments, be it water for Baptism, olive oil for Confirmation and Anointing of the Sick, bread and wine for the holy Eucharist, a man and a woman for Matrimony, or a baptized male for Holy Orders. Computers are programmed and programs can be changed day to day. Not like human minds The religions will guide you to find the truth and the freewill lead you to happiness

  26. Evolution of Youth Yesterday Today Less Pictures More Pictures More Occupy Less Occupy Today’s MIND is more busier than Yesterday. Today’s Computers execute 2000 million instructions per second No proper training on controlling the Mind will lead to Depression, Drugs, Frustration, Suicide, Porn Addiction, Unhappy leading to Anxiety

  27. Sri Lankan Youth Heroic Virtue helps an ordinary person to accomplish ordinary things in an extra ordinary way. • Cultural Influences We have good habits and as well as bad habits. • Prejudice Thoughts – Judging Others • Destructive Thoughts – No Pardoning Quality • Hence, Developing an ability is becoming difficult. • Too much studies, but not practical out comes. How to develop abilities of youngsters? Do we need Money? No. Money comes Second, Ability comes first. In order Sri Lankan youth to find a Job and to Develop this country to become the future of the World, youth abilities has to be developed.

  28. How to Develop Abilities of a Youngster? • Assist him to clear his Mind through Practical Exercises. • Assist him to identify his ability/ies and allow him to develop these abilities without any return personnel to him. • Ineffective Reactive Proactive (youths) • A proactive youth will easily find an employment and will enjoy his life making a society happy.

  29. Contribution from Youth.., • The first lesson from Cana is : Aid Yourself and Heaven will aid you. Our Lord could have produced wine out of nothing, as He had made the world from nothing, but He willed that the wine servants bring their pots and fill them with water. • We must not expect God to transform us without our bringing something to be transformed. In vain do we say: O Lord, help me overcome my evil habits or let me be sober, pure, and honest. What good are these prayers unless we bring at least our own efforts? • God will, indeed, make us peaceful and happy again, but only on condition that we bring the water of our own feeble efforts. We are not to remain passive, while awaiting the manifestation of God`s power: there must be the indispensable gesture of our own liberty, even though it brings to God something as un spirited as the routine waters of our insipid lives! Collaboration with God is essential if we are to become the sons of God.

  30. Youth Efforts - 1 Mind Concentration • Develop a Habit. (Every day analyzing on one subject) • Allocate a Time (Statistical Equilibrium) • Everyday Practice • Do one thing at a time • Without Anxiety. When You are Practicing Religion will help you, to remove the Anxiety.

  31. Youth Efforts - 2 Best Method is Rosary for the Catholics? • Allocate a fix time for every day (preferably early morning) to recite individual Rosary. • Allocate one or two decades to remember whom you associate yesterday. Remove any Prejudice and Destructive thoughts. • Read the Gospel, at least one passage and contemplate the relevance to your life. (Cyclic Gospel Reading is recommended.) Use, anywhere in the World. • When You practice this method you will observe internal happiness with less anxiety. WHY?

  32. Youth Efforts - 3 Allow God to lead their Life.., What is the difference between these three pictures? Alone, No Service to anybody Service to People, but NO Rider. Horse Will decide where to go? We are like this most of our life. Service to People, Rider will decide where to go? Difficult to obey the rider, horse like to have his own path.

  33. Church - Our Efforts - 1 Employment for what?For Happiness • Three categories of youth. • Waiting for Employment • Employed, but Unhappy. • Employed , in Happy way. • Is happiness depend upon money? • Yes and No • Too little money will allow you to steal • Too much money will allow you to spoil • But Happiness mainly focus on your ability to serve the society. • Church is one of the best places to train youngsters to develop their abilities irrespective of their Religion.

  34. Church - Our Efforts - 2 You should be happy ! • You should be happy to provide happiness to the others. • As Clergy, enjoy the happiness through discovering Christ ‘Who is the Way, Truth and the Life’, where the present catholic youths are in cross roads. • St. Therese of Lisieux or the “Little Flower” as she is often called, figure as a source of inspiration for the youngs. Her spirituality centered on being, living, and acting as a child of God. -Recite Rosary- -Learn how to use Internet and Email-

  35. Conclusion • We prepare youths not only for employments but to make them happy. • We as Clergy or Lay people in the Church has important responsibility to make the youth happy. (First we should be happy, then disseminate that happiness to others.) • Various forum for the youth who are expecting a employment or who are employed has to be trained to experience Happiness in the light of present day technology.

  36. The youths are always be ready to give an explanation to any one who ask them for a reason for their hope. To prepare our youth for the following; Our Wish

  37. Thank You! Visit Thank to Rev.Bro. pubudurajapaksha, bro.joseph Michal from, delasalle brothers – Sri Lanka, for inviting me.