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AP Biology Final: Key terms to Review PowerPoint Presentation
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AP Biology Final: Key terms to Review

AP Biology Final: Key terms to Review

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AP Biology Final: Key terms to Review

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  1. AP Biology Final: Key terms to Review Kreb Cycle Hardy-Weinberg Mitosis vs. Meiosis (phases) Fungi-characteristics Properties of Proteins Lac operon system (E. coli) Peptide bonds Enzyme activities Dehydration synthesis vs. Hydrolysis DNA replication Organelles: ID & function Homologous Structures Diffusion vs. Osmosis Modes of Nat. Selection Griffith’s Experiment mRNA processing Solute Concen. & osmosis pH scale, acids & bases (4) Macromolecules & their properties Chemical Bonds Bacteria: key characteristics DNA-base pairing Inheritance of genetic traits Beadle &Tatum Alleles Regulation of gene Express. Fermentation (repressors &inducers)

  2. AP Biology Final: Key terms to Review Karyotype Genetic variations Chromosome numbers Gel Electrophoresis DNA fingerpriniting Transferring genes

  3. AP Biology Final: Key terms to Review II Resting Potential & Action Potential Behavior & learning Population dynamics Plant growth Respiration types (animals) Digestive tract Embryonic Development Movement of sugar (plants) Organism complexity (phyla) Legumes (growth) Arteries & veins Plant hormones Animal Phyla (characteristics) Bryophytes Invertebrates (anatomy) Sympathetic vs. Para sym. NS Parasitism, commensalism, mutualism Classification & Taxonomy Membrane potential (nerves) Muscle contraction Photosynthesis (equation, fates of atoms) Xylem & Phloem Density dependent & independent factors Lateral Meristems Pollination methods Plant tissues & cells Ear & Eye structures Stomata opening & closing Germination of Seeds Tree ring dating Double fertilization Light & dark reactions (4) Plant life cycles ATP, NADPH, RuBP Sensory vs. Motor neurons

  4. AP Biology Final: Key terms to Review II Sodium-Potassium pump Meningial layers Key structures in the brain (ex. thalamus) Lobes of the Brain & function Sarcomere structures Blood clotting Blood flow: heart & body Humoral & cell-mediated immunity White blood cell (differences) Endotherms vs. Ectotherms Blood vessel names/location Breathing process Neural control of the heart beat K vs. r- selected species Trophic levels & Biomass Biome characteristics Lymphatic system Biogeochemical cycles Pituitary gland hormones Protostome vs. Deuterostome Sperm production Menstrual cycle