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Fine Art at UEL PowerPoint Presentation
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Fine Art at UEL

Fine Art at UEL

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Fine Art at UEL

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  1. Fine Art at UEL

  2. Fine Art is housed in the AVA building on the UEL Docklands Campus

  3. The School of Architecture and the Visual Arts includes five Subject Areas: Architecture, Digital Arts and Visual communication, Fashion/Textiles, Fine Art, Visual Theories Waterside student accommodation on the Docklands Campus

  4. The AVA Building was opened by Grayson Perry, who appeared as his alter-ego, ‘Claire’.

  5. Fine Art Studios Installing a Degree Show May 05

  6. Painting Studio, February 06

  7. Print Workshop February 06 Fine Art students have access to a complete range of workshops within the AVA building

  8. The Virtual Space Preparing a video conference with art schools in the Czech Republic, Georgia and Maine. February 06

  9. Bronze Casting

  10. There are additional riverside studios at Trinity Buoy Wharf opposite the Millennium Dome

  11. The view from the Trinity Buoy Wharf studios

  12. The Trinity Buoy Wharf Studios

  13. Fine Art is taught by practicing artists Many of the artists teaching Fine Art have international exhibiting profiles Faisal Abdu’Allah Tim Allen Geoff Brunell Pete Cobb Ann Course Grenville Davey Marilyn Hallam Alexis Harding Elaine Johnson Gereon Krebber Sophie Newell Karen Raney Jane Riches Si Sapsford John Smith Ed Whittaker Alison Winckle Richard Wilson Technical Associates- Gary Doherty Zoe Hodgson John Holder Paul Manners Glenn Marston Mark Sowden Chris Strong Dean Todd Gaynor Zealy

  14. Richard Wilson is Visiting Professor of Fine Art Richard Wilson with ’20:50’ Saatchi Gallery

  15. Students helped Richard Wilson produce ‘Butterfly’A light aircraft was crushed on campus, and then gradually stretched back into shape while suspended in the Wapping Pumphouse

  16. Grenville Davey with Faisal Abdu’Allah Grenville Davey is a Turner Prize-winner

  17. Faisal Abdu’Allah is Artist in Residence at the Serpentine Gallery

  18. Alexis Harding, winner of the John Moores Painting Prize in 2004

  19. Si SapsfordKeynote Speaker and exhibitor International Drawing Symposium Melbourne 2005. ‘Self Portrait as Doubting Thomas’ bic biro, lifesize

  20. John Smith: still from ‘Museum Piece’ 2004 'Best International Short Film'  50th Cork International Film Festival, Ireland 2005 'Prix du Centre pour l¹image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais Genève'  11th Biennial of Moving Images, Geneva, Switzerland 2005.

  21. Gereon Krebber, winner of the Phoenix Prize 2005 and the Jerwood Sculpture Prize 2003

  22. Student Exhibition:Students exhibition is an important part of Fine Art at UEL Ada Street Project Third Year Show Nov 05

  23. Ada Street Project November 2005

  24. Ada Street Project November 05

  25. ‘Extrusions’ November 05

  26. Student installation on Richard Wilson’s Millennium Artwork ‘Slice of Reality’

  27. Trinity Buoy Wharf Basement November 05

  28. First Year Show AVA Gallery December 05

  29. The Coningsby Gallery November 05

  30. Coningsby Gallery

  31. ‘Not in the Gallery Space’ November 05 student initiated show installed in a student flat in Shadwell ‘Not in the Gallery space’ November 05Student initiated show installed in a flat in Shadwell

  32. ‘Not in the Gallery space’

  33. Collaborative Show Byam Shaw Concourse Gallery Feb 06

  34. ‘Shoeshine’ AVA Gallery February 06

  35. ‘Shoeshine’

  36. Professional Doctorate Show in the AVA Gallery: Sung Young Park Feb 06

  37. Collaborative Show at Trinity Buoy Wharf with students from Kingston University March 06

  38. Collaborative Show at Trinity Buoy Wharf with Kingston University students March 06

  39. Fine Art Subject Area The Fine Art Subject Area offers Programmes at three levels BA Hons Fine Art MA Fine Art Professional Doctorate in Fine Art Subject Director: Pete Cobb email The School of Architecture and the Visual Arts also offers ‘Year Zero’ an introductory pre-Level 1 programme Contact Christine Wade

  40. BA Hons Fine Art Programme Leader: Tim Allen Admissions Tutor: Alison Winckle Administrator: Jeanette Ioannou Tel 020 8223 Email Three years Full time Or five years part time Students should normally have completed a foundation course, access course, or equivalent before entry. For students who do not fulfil this there is a four year route offering entry via Year Zero

  41. MA Fine Art Programme Leader: Pete Cobb Administrator: Beryl Watson Tel 020 8223 3400 Email One year full time (45 weeks) Two years part time Applicants should normally have completed a first degree in Fine Art or another associated discipline before entry.

  42. Professional Doctorate in Fine Art Programme Leader: Geoff Brunell Administrator: Beryl Watson Tel 020 8223 3400 Email Three years full time Five years part time Applicants should normally have completed an MA in Fine Art or a related discipline before entry.

  43. Fine Art Study Abroad Programmes Fine Art Study Abroad Programmes begin in September 2006 Overseas students may study Fine Art at UEL for one or two semester programmes, which start in September or February Subject Director: Pete Cobb Email:

  44. Fine Art students and staff Trinity Buoy Wharf Studios Opening Ceremony