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Peter Cox - Positive Pressure Ventilation System PowerPoint Presentation
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Peter Cox - Positive Pressure Ventilation System

Peter Cox - Positive Pressure Ventilation System

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Peter Cox - Positive Pressure Ventilation System

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  1. raising standards in property preservation Condensation Control Condensation is moisture caused by everyday living, from cooking to having a shower. Normally moisture will remain in the atmosphere - humidity, but as the room air temperature drops, the ability for air to hold moistures reduces, and the air becomes too saturated. This leads to water droplets known as condensation forming on cold surfaces such as walls, windows and metal. Problem In domestic properties, condensation is largely the consequence of today’s improved standards of draught proofing, particularly when older properties have been upgraded. Failing to open windows and trickle vents can result in a lack of adequate ventilation. This means moisture produced by washing, cooking and everyday lifestyle is trapped inside the property, leading to a buildup of excess wetness and humidity - condensation. This problem not only affects privately owned property but also presents serious issues for all landlords - either private or local authorities and housing associations. Poorly managed ventilation can lead to problems such as damp living conditions, including streaming windows and peeling decoration, unsightly mould growth and poor indoor air quality, some of which may be unhealthy, especially for those with respiratory problems. Solution Dry Air ‘Whole House’ Ventilation At Peter Cox, we are passionate about improving air quality for everyone, which is why we offer a varied range of eco-friendly and innovative ventilation systems, designed to deliver homes with fresh, filtered air. By introducing fresh air into the building and circulating it gently around the property, and removing stagnant stale air, the atmosphere is transformed into a healthy and condensation free environment. The Peter Cox Dry Air Whole House Ventilation units are designed to ventilate the property quietly from a position in the loft or on a landing in a house or the central hallway of a property. The units are designed to run continuously, replacing moisture laden air with clean tempered and filtered air, forcing contaminates out of the building through natural gaps under floors and around window opening sashes.

  2. Dry Air Whole House Ventilation raising standards in property preservation Our range of condensation control units Filterless extract fan: Cyfan Ventilate your property Whole House Ventilation: Loft Mounted Unit Cyfan offers an aesthetically pleasing and compact fan that is capable of accommodating different property layouts Our Whole House Ventilation units are designed to ventilate the property quietly from a position in the loft or on a landing in a house or the central hallway of a property. 4 Taking advantage of the benefits of solar gain in the loft space, this unit draws fresh air from the loft and delivers it into the property at a continuous rate while being whisper quiet. This positive input ventilation has an extremely low power consumption rate and is designed to create an easy and non-disruptive installation process. For bathroom or kitchen installations this compact and aesthetically pleasing concept in fan technology can be surfaced mounted or recessed, ideal for all applications. The air management system creates a smooth passageway to remove dust and contaminants through the filterless fan scroll - from the dwelling to the outside atmosphere. By drawing fresh air into the building and circulating it gently round the property, stagnant stale atmospheres are transformed into healthy and condensation free environments. The units run continuously, meaning moisture and condensation are driven out and replaced with clean tempered and filtered air. 4 This product will significantly improve the indoor air quality in the home while protecting the fabric of the home by alleviating condensation dampness and removing allergens. Designed with occupants in mind 4 Quiet running 4 Compact and aesthetically pleasing 208mm 4 Low energy usage: low running costs 201mm 4 Easy installation 4 Easy filterless maintenance Product features Product features Whole House Ventilation: Wall Mounted Unit 4 Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, WC or utility rooms 4 Designed for flats, this unit uses the same low watt motor technology, drawing fresh air into the home and mixing it with the warm air that accumulates at ceiling level. This re-distributes heat around the property and forces moisture laden air outside. This is ideal for properties without a loft space. 4 Recess kit and window kit available 4 Ultra low watt DC motor technology 4 Side spigot option allows multi adjoining wet-room ventilation 4 Run on timer for boost functionality 4 Quiet operation and variable speed settings 4 Low running cost 4 Superior long-life filter 4 Daily run monitoring device 4 Can be configured to continuous or intermittent operation 4 Convert from 230v to low voltage for relevant splash zones 4 Low maintenance and life cycle costs 4 Agrément Board approved 4 5 year Peter Cox guarantee 4 5 year guarantee Perfect for Kitchens & Bathrooms Small enough for bathroom installations but with more than enough power for kitchens, our filterless extract fan has been designed to deliver the lowest possible maintenance, the lowest long term life cycle costing and lowest performance/energy costs. Peter Cox Ltd Freephone 0800 789 500 Riverbank, Meadows Business Park, Camberley, GU17 9AB Email:

  3. Other Related Products: raising standards in property preservation Warmerwall anti-condensation coating Features & Benefits This water based internal emulsion will reduce the formation of condensation by utilising hollow glass bubble technology. Glass bubbles are 100% non-toxic hollow spheres the thickness of a human hair. When incorporated into paint they act as miniature thermos-like bottles, providing a thermal barrier between cold surfaces and the warmer interior temperature. As the air is insulated against the colder wall surface, condensation is controlled. This in turn inhibits mould and fungal growth. The thermal properties of Warmerwall Anti-Condensation can also allow homeowners to make a potential saving on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. 4 R educes the formation of water droplets 4 H elps to reduce mould and fungal growth 4 R esists thermal transfer through walls and ceilings 4 L ow thermal conductivity 4 H elps to reduce heating costs 4 H elps to improve the room climate 4 H elps to control odours 4 E asy application, minimal disruption and preparation needed to wall surfaces, avoiding mess, saving time and money 4 C an be painted over 4 U seful for insulating solid walled properties which cannot benefit from conventional cavity wall insulation How it works The most cost effective way to save heat is to stop it escaping in the first place. Every surface that has a temperature difference on the other side of it will see heat migrating through the wall towards the cold outside air. When surfaces have been coated with Warmerwall Anti-Condensation Coating, heat loss is reduced because of the coating’s ability to block heat transfer. Walls treated with the Anti-Condensation Coating actually feel warmer to the touch because the heat from your hand is being reflected back, instead of being drawn to the colder surface of the wall and escaping externally. Scientifically tested Independent laboratory testing has shown that surfaces coated with Warmerwall Anti-Condensation Coating have the ability to retain heat up to five times longer than conventional emulsions. Further tests have shown that a coated surface maintained a +5°C differential between the substrate temperature to that of an uncoated surface. This 5°C prevents the air condensing onto the wall surface, even if there is high humidity in the room (up to 90%). 18-25% Heat Lost Through Walls Energy saving Warmerwall Anti-Condensation Coating has low shrinkage properties when drying, compared to conventional emulsions - meaning there are less water molecules sitting in micro-cracks in the paint surface. These micro-cracks occur when standard paint dries and shrinks. Because it takes 2400kJ to evaporate one litre of water, a large amount of additional energy will be used to evaporate this water and heat up a cold room with a high level of humidity in the wall/coating. The glass bubbles within Warmerwall Anti-Condensation Coating help to form a much smoother surface with reduced micro-cracking. The glass bubbles are impermeable to water diffusion and due to the dry film packing factor being 50%-70%, evaporation of water from the wall and absorption of humidity by the wall are reduced. Excellent *ratings correct as of 30/05/17 Peter Cox Ltd Freephone 0800 789 500 Riverbank, Meadows Business Park, Camberley, GU17 9AB Email: