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  1. GCSE HOME ECONOMICS Textiles is afun practical based course which will build on and develop textiles skills from Key Stage 3. It is concerned with designing and making a range of textiles items e.g. bags, soft furnishings and garments using a variety of textiles resources. You will be given the opportunity to use computerised sewing machines, fabrics, decorative products e.g. ribbons, buttons and paints to enhance the products made. You will develop competences using the different types of sewing machines available e.g. standard, computerised, overlocker and using CAD-Cam.

  2. GCSE HOME ECONOMICS Course details including areas of study and study methods: There are 2 units of study to be covered: Unit 1—Principles of Textiles and Fashion This will develop and affirm knowledge of all the content delivered via practical work and set tasks. Unit 2—Textiles and Fashion This will allow the opportunity for students to acquire a wide range of practical skills linked to Creative Textiles , Fashion design and manufacture and gain an understanding of fibres and fabrics, textile design, construction techniques and consumer choice. • The required knowledge of each section will be gained through written work- classwork and set tasks , folio work—A3 sheets, practical work e.g. trialling and testing, textiles experiments, research via visits e.g. The Clothes Show and use of the internet sites etc.


  4. GCSE HOME ECONOMICS Pathway through the specification Year 10September – December Theory – Fibres and Fabrics Practical Work : Construction and Decoration January – Marchof Textiles Theory – Fibres and Fabrics Practical Work : Controlled Assessment Task 1 April / May to July (10 hours) Theory –Construction and Decoration of Textiles Practical Work : Construction and Decoration -Textiles Design of Textiles Year 11 September –March Theory –Consumerism and Consumer choice Practical : Controlled Assessment 2 (20 hours ) April – June Revision and past papers to extend and reinforce knowledge Progression routes to Further Study: As/a Level Design and Technology: Textiles As/a Level Textiles and Art BTEC / Degree Courses in Fashion Design , Art and Design , Textiles and Art etc. Progression routes to Careers and Employment: Manufacturing: construction roles within the fashion / clothing / furnishings industry. Industry: retail work, fashion design, laboratory technician within the fabrics / clothing industry. Advertising and marketing of fabric items. Subject Combinations: Art , IT , Science.