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TITLE & CONTENTS. The Ancient Civilization of. CHINA. Click below to learn more. Government. Architecture. Daily Life. Agriculture. Geography. Inventions. Links. Researched and Written by:. Jordan and Briseyda. Daily Life. Daily Life. symbols.

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  1. TITLE & CONTENTS The Ancient Civilization of CHINA Click below to learn more. Government Architecture Daily Life Agriculture Geography Inventions Links Researched and Written by: Jordan and Briseyda

  2. Daily Life Daily Life symbols The Chinese calendar is based on the moon, also known as lunar. China’s writing is known as symbols or characters. Women in rich families didn’t work at all. Men worked and did business outside the home. The ancient Chinese believed in spirits and demons, and their religion was called Buddhism. BACK This is a picture of a Buddha. These are Chinese houses.

  3. Government Government The Chinese ruler was called an emperor. Laws in ancient China were handed down by the wise men after the emperor made them. BACK This is the emperor.

  4. Architecture Architecture The Chinese are famous for the Great Wall of China. This was built to protect China from its enemies. The Great Wall is 2,100 miles long. This is the Great Wall of China. BACK

  5. Agriculture Agriculture The Chinese ate eggs and chicken. They fed the chickens with what they grew. They grew rice and wheat. wheat a chicken a farm rice BACK

  6. Geography Geography China is on the continent of Asia. The capital of China is Beijing. The major bodies of water that border China are the Pacific Ocean, the Yellow River, the East China Sea, and the South China Sea. Asia map Beijing fireworks BACK Yellow River

  7. Invention Inventions The Chinese invented things such as wheelbarrows, paper, an abacus, fireworks, and gun powder. This is an abacus that the Chinese invented. Here is a picture of fireworks that the Chinese invented. BACK

  8. Links Links Click on a link below to learn more. Ancient China Culture World Factbook Ancient Civilizations Expo The Great Wall of China BACK

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