how homegenie handle 5 common ac problems n.
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How HomeGenie Handle 5 Common AC Problems PowerPoint Presentation
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How HomeGenie Handle 5 Common AC Problems

How HomeGenie Handle 5 Common AC Problems

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How HomeGenie Handle 5 Common AC Problems

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  1. How HomeGenie Handle 5 Common AC Problems HomeGenie’s partners have emergency teams and skilled technicians       who always put your priority first and provide reliable repair, installation             and maintenance solutions. These services are available throughout the         week to ensure that an emergency request is taken care of in case of a             total shutdown.                                                  Due to the heavy dependence on air conditioners all over Dubai, people             face some common issues such as water leakage, over or under           cooling, duct blockage, tripping, coils freezing up, foul smell and indoor         air pollution. HomeGenie’s expert partners have the know-how and         equipment to provide the best solutions for all these issues, keep           emergencies at bay, minimise health related risks in your home and         provide both preventive as well as corrective maintenance services.                                                                            Below are the list of Common AC Problems: 1. AC too Noisy. 2. AC Cooling Issue. 3. AC Tripping or not Starting 4. AC Leakage 5. AC Duct Cleaning

  2. AC too Noisy AC noise can be classified differently for indoor and outdoor ACs. The           key reason could potentially be a foreign object stuck in the AC, bent             fan blades, vibration on an incorrectly mounted window frame, loose           front grill or insufficient lubrication. HomeGenie offers the expertise of           technicians that are highly skilled in full-fledged AC maintenance and           repair services. At HomeGenie, we provide expert professionals for air           conditioning service and ​AC Repair Services in Dubai​​. A timely repair of a noisy AC unit could help detect and prevent a larger problem which               might cause damage to the more expensive parts.                                                                                                          If the noise is in the outside unit, then Open the air conditioner cabinet and locate the fan. Remove any debris you see on or around the blades. If the problem is not debris, then the blade itself might be loose. If so, then you can tighten the screw at the hub with a screwdriver. The blades might not be straight. A slight bend might be touching the body and causing a noise. You can bend the blade back into place or replace it by opening the screwdriver and attaching a new blade. Other fixes like lubrication and coil fins might need more experienced engineers to fix. Our technicians at HomeGenie are well trained to fix these issues quickly and bring your AC back to working conditions again.

  3. AC Not Cooling Arriving home expecting a cool and cosy environment and being greeted with warm air instead, can be a major mood spoiler. Air conditioning cooling issues could be related to defective parts, faulty thermostats or compressor, insufficient coolant, clogged air filter or some other problem. HomeGenie offers the expertise experienced in full-fledged AC maintenance or AC repair service in Dubai helps you with controlling humidity levels,maximising cooling capacity, optimising efficiency of the AC and minimizing health risks. technicians who are highly maintenance services. of The AC Our technicians will always put your needs first and provide you with quick and reliable solutions to any Air Conditioner problems. We make sure that your Air Conditioner runs at optimum and healthy levels to give you the best cooling in Dubai’s intolerable heat.

  4. AC Tripping or not Starting A few common reasons for AC tripping or not starting are dirty unit or             air filter, issues with the circuit breaker or compressor or shorting of the             motor. It can be quite risky if this problem goes unnoticed and               unattended for a long time as it might cause a fire. Highly experienced               HomeGenie’s technicians can help you solve the AC tripping problem in         a timely and effective manner. The AC maintenance or AC repair service             in Dubai prevents permanent damage of your unit, keeps the power         supply in check and ensures safety of your home.                                                                                              The easiest fix would be to change reset your circuit breaker and see if the AC works fine. If it does, then no further action needs to be taken. If the problem persists, then you can consider cleaning the outside filter. In the worst case scenario, your Compressor, or the outside unit might be damaged or broken and may need to repaired or replaced. Compressors are expensive and exchanging it might be the cheapest fix.

  5. AC Leakage An AC provides cool air by compressing the coolant gas into liquid             repeatedly in a continuous cycle. AC technicians from HomeGenie are           fully equipped and knowledgeable about handling an AC leakage. They         can handle any complexity of AC leakage efficiently which could involve             AC installation correction, cleaning of clogged drain, condenser pump         welding and replacement and gas refill or top up. At HomeGenie, we           provide expert professionals for air conditioning service and AC repair           services in Dubai With this service you can avoid a severe damage to             your AC, prevent the accumulation of algae and bacteria due to leakage             as well as ensure efficient usage of your unit.                                                                                                          If your AC is leaking, it is best to call a professional to fix it as soon as possible. HomeGenie’s technicians are highly skilled at diagnosing AC leakage problems quickly and helping you find a solution to it in no time. Our technicians not only make sure that your AC is in working condition but also improve your cooling, make it less noisy and make sure that the air you breathes pure and healthy air.

  6. AC Duct Cleaning AC ducts are prone to contaminants, because the coil becomes moist           with condensation, and dust particles or construction remainders stick         to the fins, causing a blockage in the air passageways. HomeGenie’s               service partners provide thorough cleaning of the air ducts including,         dismantling and disinfecting the whole system which is the evaporator         coils, drainage trays, pipes and the ducts. At HomeGenie, we provide           expert professionals for air conditioning service and AC duct cleaning         services in Dubai. There are several advantages of this service such as           reduced risk of indoor air pollution, protection from respiratory           diseases, optimal usage of AC, to list a few.                                                                                                      HomeGenie’s experts and technicians are well trained to handle any duct cleaning problems. Their advanced tools will give you live feeds of the debris or mold, then clean and disinfect them. Our technicians put your needs first and give you quick services to ensure that your AC is giving you clean, healthy air and cooling efficiently.