the x cross project city of miraflores lima per closing conference may 22 24 2008 rio de janeiro n.
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THE X-CROSS PROJECT City of Miraflores Lima, Perú. Closing Conference May 22-24, 2008 Rio de Janeiro. PowerPoint Presentation
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THE X-CROSS PROJECT City of Miraflores Lima, Perú. Closing Conference May 22-24, 2008 Rio de Janeiro.

THE X-CROSS PROJECT City of Miraflores Lima, Perú. Closing Conference May 22-24, 2008 Rio de Janeiro.

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THE X-CROSS PROJECT City of Miraflores Lima, Perú. Closing Conference May 22-24, 2008 Rio de Janeiro.

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  1. THE X-CROSS PROJECTCity of MirafloresLima, Perú.Closing ConferenceMay 22-24, 2008Rio de Janeiro.

  2. The X- CROSS Project URB AL II • It has been a very successful experience in the three schools participating in the City of Miraflores since july 2006.

  3. Results for the Schools • The improvement in the quality of education applying ICT s on Biology didactic material in three Public Schools of Miraflores. • New and needed resources: computer Pentium D and Video camera.

  4. Results for the Teachers. • IT training on innovative softwares as sofTV and Movie Maker • Sharing experiencies and team working. • To be part of an International Project for the first time.

  5. Results for the Teachers. • Improvement of their professional qualifications. • To be able to apply the X-CROSS softwares to Math, Art, Literature, after the Project´s time.

  6. The Dream Teams and the Officials are commited to X-CROSS

  7. Results for the students. 54 students (15/16 years old) from 3 schools acquired the following multimedia skills: • Operating video cameras. • Cutting video recordings.

  8. X-CROSS International Certificate Ceremony

  9. Results for the students. • Producing Power Point presentations. • Working with sofTV. • Performing on camera. • Presenting working results to a group.

  10. Scipión Llona School in the marsh of Villa 2007

  11. Results for the students. • New possibilities to be inserted in the labour market. • A higher self esteem. • To be self confident and independent.

  12. Results for the students. • Learning to work as a team. • The experience of students teaching students. • 40 passive participants from a Lower Grade.

  13. Juana Alarco de Dammert School 2008. With their Teacher Nora Mena.

  14. e-lessons produced 3 Power Points. Topics: • The food chain. • A balanced diet. • Peruvian native plants (In spanish) . All the images are from Wikipedia or made by the students.

  15. e-lessons produced. 5 videos. Topics: • The Mollish reaction. • Solubility. • The Xanto proteic reaction. • The peruvian root: the maca . • The peruvian seed: the tarwi.

  16. Federico Villarreal School 2007 in the Marsh ecosystem of Villa

  17. E-lessons produced. 4 sofTV. Topics: • “The ecosystem of the marsh of Villa Federico Villarreal School. • “ Nutrients” and “10 suggestions to prevent global warmth from home” Juana Alarco de Dammert School • “ The ecosystem of the marsh of Villa “2da part. Scipión Llona School

  18. Scipión Llona School students after publishing their first sofTV

  19. Students as IT trainers • The students Diego Vega and Eder Rivera from Federico Villarreal School • The students Christian Guevara and Melissa Gutiérrez from Scipión Llona School

  20. Students as IT trainers • Trained the students from Juana Alarco de Dammert school on all X-CROSS software during their summer school vacations 2008. • The results were excellent.

  21. The IT Trainers.

  22. Strenghts of the Project • The world wide image of the European Commission and its partial funding. • The institutional participation of the City of Miraflores. • A revolutionary vision of teaching following the students perspective on learning.

  23. Strengths of the Project • A unique opportunity in Public Schools in Perú. A privilege for teachers and students involved. • The topics deeply related to peruvian reality. Nutrition and ecosystems. • The special interest of the students in video filming and using a Pentium D computer.

  24. Strenghts of the Project • Their need to have new experiences through an innovative project. • The contact with students of other countries and to be part of the website X-CROSS news. • To see their e-lessons on the website.

  25. Weaknesses of the Project. • Having only one video camera. Solution. Not to delay but lower down a bit the rythm of the Project.

  26. Students of Scipión Llona School with their Teacher Pilar Rodríguez

  27. Weaknesses of the Project • Having only one computer for the Project and one license for SofTV. Solution. Having temporary practice versions in more computers and publish the e-lessons only in the computer of the Project.

  28. Weaknesses of the Project • Students do not study Biology nor any other course in English. Only 1% of them speak English. • The English Teachers do not attain the level required for Biology e-lessons. Solution • English scripts are translated by the internal expert in charge of Contents.

  29. We all love X-CROSS!!

  30. Thanks The students and teachers involved in X- CROSS deeply thank the • European Commission • the Project Management and the City of Miraflores for giving them the opportunity to be involved in the X-CROSS Project.

  31. City of MirafloresLima , Perú.