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Chapter 7-Section 2

Chapter 7-Section 2. System of Linear Equations in Three Variables. Systems in Three Variables. Elimination by Addition. Elimination by Addition (Cont). Elimination by Addition (Cont). Applications.

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Chapter 7-Section 2

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  1. Chapter 7-Section 2 System of Linear Equations in Three Variables

  2. Systems in Three Variables

  3. Elimination by Addition

  4. Elimination by Addition (Cont)

  5. Elimination by Addition (Cont)

  6. Applications • A garment industry manufactures three shirt styles. Each style shirt requires the services of three departments as listed in the table. The cutting , sewing, and packing departments have available a maximum of 1,160, 1,560, and 480 labor-hours per week, respectively. How many of each type shirt must be produced each week for the plant to operate at full capacity?

  7. Application • In 2001 there were 110 million cell phone subscribers in the US. The number grew to 128 mil in 2002 and 141mil in 2003. Construct a model for three data by finding a quadratic function whose graph passes through the point (1,110), (2,128) and (3,141). Use this model to estimate the number of subscribers in 2004 and 2005

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