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Lions. By Samantha 10-2-09. Introduction.

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  1. Lions By Samantha 10-2-09

  2. Introduction Did you know that humans have killed thousands of lions? Lions have become desperate for food and space because of human hunting and village expansion. In this presentation you’ll learn how lions are important and why they are endangered and need our help.

  3. Adaptation Lions have many adaptations to help them survive. One adaptation is their strong legs. Their strong legs help them survive by being able to catch their fast prey. Another adaptation is that they have sharp teeth. Their sharp teeth help them survive so they can eat their prey faster. The last adaptation is that it has sharp claws. Their sharp claws help them survive by enabling them to catch their prey faster and eat it. This is what I learned about lions’ adaptations.

  4. Lions depend on Lion’s cubs depend on their parents for protection. They also depend on their food. They depend on their food because if they didn’t eat food they would die. They also depend on the grass because that’s where lions live. Lions also depend on the water because they drink the water when they’re thirsty and they love water. This is what I learned about what lions depend on.

  5. Food Chain A lion’s food chain is that a lion eats the wildebeest and the wildebeest eats the grass and the grass depends on the sun. Another way is that the sun gives energy to the grass and the grass gives energy to the wildebeest and the wildebeest gives energy to the lion. That’s what I learned about the lion’s food chain.

  6. Endangered Lions Lions are endangered animals because humans are hunting them. Humans hunt them for their fur. We need to find a way to stop this behavior.

  7. The Lions are Saved These are many ways to save lions. First is humans need to stop killing lions. If you’re one person hunting lions, please stop hunting lions because they are not doing anything to you. And if you’re not hunting them, thank you for not killing these animals.

  8. Conclusion In conclusion these are the things I learned about lions and how they are endangered.

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