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Weather Jeopardy

Weather Jeopardy. SOL Jeopardy. Water Cycle. Clouds. Weather Vocab. Weather Tools. Wild Weather. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 600. 600. 600. 600. 600. 800. 800. 800. 800. 800. 1000. 1000. 1000. 1000. 1000. Water that falls from the sky.

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Weather Jeopardy

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  1. Weather Jeopardy

  2. SOL Jeopardy Water Cycle Clouds Weather Vocab Weather Tools Wild Weather 200 200 200 200 200 400 400 400 400 400 600 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000

  3. Water that falls from the sky A. Condensation B. Evaporation C. Precipitation D. Conservation

  4. Water that falls from the sky is called precipitation. Bonus Jeopardy

  5. You’re too good to catch! Click to record $200 Answer

  6. The process of water changing into an invisible gas called water vapor A. Evaporation B. Condensation C. Precipitation D. Rain, sleet, snow

  7. Evaporation Bonus Jeopardy

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  9. The process of water vapor turning into water droplets A. Evaporation B. Condensation C. Precipitation D. Formation

  10. Condensation Bonus Jeopardy

  11. Wow! You’re good! Click to record $600 Answer

  12. Clouds are formed in what process? A. Precipitation B. Condensation C. Evaporation D. Water vapor

  13. Condensation Bonus Jeopardy

  14. Click to record $800 I don't know how I could have did doubted you! Answer

  15. Which form of precipitation begins in air that is above 32 F but falls through a layer of air that is colder? A. Sleet B. Rain C. Snow D. Hail

  16. Sleet Bonus Jeopardy

  17. Being a genius certaintly has its advantages! Click to record $1000 Answer

  18. Clouds are formed during which part of the water cycle? A. Condensation B. Precipitation C. Evaporation D. Humidity

  19. Condensation Bonus Jeopardy

  20. RIGHT! When you’re RIGHT, you’re RIGHT! Click to record $200 Answer

  21. Gray clouds that cover the lower part of the sky; rain or sleet fall from them A. cumulus B. stratus C. cirrus D. cumulonimbus

  22. Stratus Clouds Bonus Jeopardy

  23. Genuis! That is what it is sheer genius! Click to record $400 Answer

  24. White, puffy clouds that look like piles of cotton; they are known as fair-weather clouds. A. cumulonimbus B. cirrus C. stratus D. cumulus

  25. Cumulus Clouds Bonus Jeopardy

  26. You just outsmarted me! Click to record $600 Answer

  27. Thin, feathery clouds that appear high in the sky; they are a sign that rain or snow is on the way. A. cumulus B. cirrus C. stratus D. cumulonimbus

  28. Cirrus Clouds Bonus Jeopardy

  29. Brillance Click to record $800 Answer

  30. Tall, dark clouds that mean thunderstorms with heavy rain and strong winds A. Cumulonimbus B. cumulus C. stratus D. cirrus

  31. Cumulonimbus Bonus Jeopardy

  32. Cool! Click to record $1000 Answer

  33. Scientist who study weather A Meteorologist B Astronomer C Biologist D Weatherologist

  34. Meteorologist Bonus Jeopardy

  35. You're super good, but can you keep up with me? Click to record $200 Answer

  36. Boundary that separates two air masses A. Low B. Back C. Front D. High

  37. Front Bonus Jeopardy

  38. You’re bouncing along well! Click to record $400 Answer

  39. Large area of air that has the same temperature and humidity A. Water vapor B. Air pressure C. Front D. Air mass

  40. Air mass Bonus Jeopardy

  41. Lucky Guess! Click to record $600 Answer

  42. Scientific predictions of weather A. Good guess B. Forecast C. Meteor shower D. Data

  43. Forecast Bonus Jeopardy

  44. You are so lucky! Click to record $800 Answer

  45. Part of Earth’s atmosphere where weather happens A. meteorsphere B. thermosphere C. troposphere D. Ozone layer

  46. troposphere Bonus Jeopardy

  47. Your climbing so high! Click to record $1000 Answer

  48. Instrument that measures temperature A. anemometer B. hydrometer C. thermometer D. Wind vane

  49. thermometer Bonus Jeopardy

  50. Marvelous! Click to record $200 Answer

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