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My Honeymoon Trip to Tahiti PowerPoint Presentation
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My Honeymoon Trip to Tahiti

My Honeymoon Trip to Tahiti

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My Honeymoon Trip to Tahiti

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    Slide 1:My Honeymoon Trip to Tahiti

    Ericka Mateo

    Slide 2:I do, Cherish You, For the Rest of My Life

    Like every bride-to-be, I wanted a honeymoon that would complement the beautiful ceremony held. Researching, I found myself with a little piece of Heaven on earth. An island called Tahiti. This was exactly how we wanted to start our new life.

    Slide 3:There Youll Be

    We took the early flight from Newark airport to Los Angeles airport. We had a couple of hours before taking another plane to Tahiti. We had flown a total of 14 hours, we were ready to relax!

    Slide 4:At Last

    We finally arrived in Tahiti. We spend the night in the Tahiti Intercontinental Beachcomber Resort. We opened the doors to a panoramic view room, with a honeymoon gift and a bottle of champagne.

    Slide 5:The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face

    We took a small jet to the island of Bora Bora, where we were welcomed to a bungalow, that was right on top of the water. WOW!!! The bed was cover with roses, there was another cold bottle of champagne and candles lit. YES!!!

    Slide 6:In My Life (There are Places I Remember)

    On our first day on the island we wanted to explore. So we got on a 4x4 jeep with a tour guide. It is amazing that such a place exists on the planet. The adventure is an experience that one just does not expect.

    Slide 7:Breathe Again

    On the second day, we wanted to do some thing dangerous. So we went on a Shark and Ray Feeding adventure. No net, no cage, just us, a rope tied to each other, water and the sharks. That certainly got our adrenaline going. Married life sure changes you.

    Slide 8:Beautiful in My Eyes

    After we arrived from the Shark and Ray feeding adventure, we had time for one more activity. Tahiti is well known for its Black Pearls.We went on a visit to a farm and were welcomed by no other than Robert Wan, one of the islands riches pearl exporters. He personally taught us how to open a clam to find a pearl. I wasnt lucky, but I know I wasnt the first one.

    Slide 9:Evergreen

    I learn how to ride a horse on Bora Bora, with the help of the trainer and my hubby. I got the nerves to get on a beautiful and on our third day went on a horseback ride through the back woods of the island.

    Slide 10:You are So Beautiful To Me

    Our fourth day, we decided to pamper ourselves. We spend the day sitting by the pool, with cocktails on hand, and massaging our bodies. We sat by the beach letting every pore on our bodies absorb the breeze.

    Slide 11:How Sweet it is To Be Loved By You

    On our fifth day, we found out that not only can you see the island from underwater but also from up above. We went on our first ever helicopter ride. And it was BE-A-U-TI-FUL!!!!

    Slide 12:Wonderful Tonight

    For our last night on Bora Bora, we wanted to end with a BAM! We went on a Catamaran Sunset Cruise. It was amazing watching the sun set on this little piece of heaven.

    Slide 13:Memory

    It was sad to pack our bags and leave such a beautiful place. But such an experience never leaves you. So we left, to start a new life as a married couple. This was the trip for a great beginning.

    Slide 14:Work Cited Tahiti Vacations and Honeymoon 2004 Brochure