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Types of Data Replication in Distribution System PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Data Replication in Distribution System

Types of Data Replication in Distribution System

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Types of Data Replication in Distribution System

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  1. Digital Printing Services The Print Facility is an Australia's largest printing service provider company, which offer the high-quality print solutions at very affordable prices. Types of Data Replication in Distribution System November 22, 2021  What is data replication? Data replication is the process of storing data in more than one site or node. It is useful in improving the availability of data. It allows users to transfer the same data to different people without any error or deflection. The result is a distributed database in which users can access data relevant to their tasks without interfering with the work of others. It has numerous other advantages, such as, 1. High Availability of Data 2. Improves the performance for retrieval of global queries as the result can be obtained locally from any of the local site 3. Faster execution of Queries 4. Higher availability 5. Reduced latency Data replication is fairly easy when data on a node to be replicated on other nodes doesn’t change. However, replication becomes trickier when data is in constant flux. Moreover, there can be full replication, in which the whole database is stored at every site. There can also be partial replication, in which some frequently used fragments of the database are replicated and others are not replicated.

  2.   Let’s discuss the types of data replication to have a deep understanding about the concept

  3. Let’s discuss the types of data replication to have a deep understanding about the concept. Types of data replication 1. Snapshot replication Snapshot replication distributes data exactly as it appears at a specific moment in time and does not monitor for updates to the data. When synchronization occurs, the entire snapshot is generated and sent to Subscribers. It means that the data that has been snapped will be distributed without any alteration or upgradation. It will be generated and distributed. It moves multiple records simultaneously. Though it is slow, it is a good way to perform initial synchronization between the publisher and the subscriber. 2. Transactional replication Transactional replication is a SQL Server technology that is used to replicate changes between two databases. The key components in transactional replication are the Publisher, Distributor, and Subscriber. Data is copied in real time from the publisher to the receiving database(subscriber) in the same order as they occur with the publisher therefore in this type of replication, transactional consistency is guaranteed. 3. Merger replication Merge replication is a method for copying and distributing data and database objects from one SQL Server database to another followed by synchronizing the databases for consistency. It is the most complex type of replication because it allows both publisher and subscriber to independently make changes to the database. In this replication updates are made at more than one node, the same data may have been updated by the Publisher and by more than one Subscriber. Therefore, conflicts can occur when updates are merged and merge replication provides a number of ways to handle conflicts.

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