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Information Management & Security Solutions (IMMS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Information Management & Security Solutions (IMMS)

Information Management & Security Solutions (IMMS)

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Information Management & Security Solutions (IMMS)

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  1. Information Management & Security Solutions (IMMS) Targeted at SME where IT resources are most limited.  SOC IMSS provides low cost or solution on data recovery, data security, information management and information sharing. As the dependence on PC becomes ever increasingly critical, information or data may crippled the continuity of business when there is a system failure which may be due to technical, natural disaster or sabotage etc. Besides, companies can benefit in many other areas like setting up "work from home“ concept, knowledge management etc.

  2. IMSS Program • 1) Conversion of documents and other physical materials to electronic format: Companies now need not invest in equipment nor manpower. As document management is not just about scanners and software, staffs also need to have knowledge on filing, indexing, scanning, OCR etc.  Therefore now even small companies can reap the benefits of sharing and retention of information.  IMSS max scanning capacity is 40,000 A4 pages/day. • 2) Simple idiot proof:  Simple solutions are recommended without installation of new software.  Our stand is, "Why invest on expensive system when there is insufficient input or users don't know how to use."  • 3) PC based storage systems: "So much data, where to store and do we need to purchase an expensive server?"  We have specially developed PC based storage facilities that can hold up to 360GB or more and cost less than S$3,000. 

  3. IMSS Program • 4) Wallet storage: Carry around up to 1 GB or more of information in your pocket.  We have tested & develop uses in several areas like in our Flexi-Work-Life program. • 5) Retrieval process: For information to be useful, relevant or useful data must be easily accessible or retrievable.  This is the job of our business process consultants which needs special skills which is "non-technical". • 6) Security: With availability of more information and sharing of it, security or process need to be in place to be put into right use. • 7) External storage: Data destruction can come from natural disaster like fire, flood etc so external storage solution allows the company to move back into operation very quickly.

  4. IMSS Program • 8) Data recovery:  When important files are corrupted, harddisk crash etc, 2 type of solution - hardware retrieval and software • 9) Security cameras: are also included in our solutions as this forms part of information collection. • 10) Duplication: Sometimes, companies need to duplicate information to all the staff in the world to simultaneously. IMSS max duplication capacity: 1,000 CDs/day • 11) Compliance with the regulatory bodies/law: Conversion of Documents in Accordance with THE EVIDENCE ACT (CHAPTER 97) & IRAS requirements. Read for more info • More questions