13 ideas for spending time during bed rest n.
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13 Ideas for spending time during Bed rest PowerPoint Presentation
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13 Ideas for spending time during Bed rest

13 Ideas for spending time during Bed rest

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13 Ideas for spending time during Bed rest

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  1. 13 Ideas for spending time during Bed rest

  2. Tips for Surviving Bed rest My mother has been suggested bed rest. I am wondering if it is good or bad. As I feel activity is important for any human being. Without physical and mental activity person gets bored up and eventually goes into depression. Ideal mind is devils workshop. So, it is important to be occupied. So, what you should really do lying on bed inside your comforter.

  3. Listening music Get a collection of good music. Listen to it and have a soothing time.

  4. Reading books Books can be your best friend at this time. Read novels, self-help and motivating books.

  5. Watching Television Watch your favorite T.V shows at this point of time.

  6. Watching a movie While watching a good movie, we enter into a new world. Watch good and positive movies.

  7. Knitting or weaving While lying down you do some knitting and weaving for your loved ones.

  8. Take some online courses These days many courses are online, you can enroll yourself into one.

  9. Meditating Do meditation for faster heeling. Meditation is simply best. You can touch with your own self and GOD.

  10. Asking your friends to visit often Friend in need is a friend indeed. Ask you best friends to visit you often. Ask them how you can help them, you can finish few of online assignments.

  11. Social Networking Sites It can occupy your mind for same time.

  12. Cutting and chopping As your partner or other family must be doing cooking job. You can help them by cutting veggies.

  13. Teaching kids Call over your friend’s kids to get some lessons learned from you. It is like a win-win situation. You will be keeping yourself occupied and at the same time you will be helping your friends.

  14. Solve puzzles Solving puzzles is extremely good for brain. Keep solving puzzles it will help keep your brain sharp.

  15. Online games Games are fun and trilling. It is the best way to utilize your time.

  16. When you are on bed rest, make sure your bed linens are changed regularly. If you are looking for new bedding sheets – fitted sheets, flats sheets or duvet set, visit