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The Mystery Resort. By:Alexa. Pop Pop went your ears on the airplane. You are finally on your way to Arizona! ... As you passed by in the car you notice a lot ...

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  1. The Mystery Resort By:Alexa Pop Pop went your ears on the airplane. You are finally on your way to Arizona! You arrive at the airport at about 11:00 am. You hauled your luggage in the hot sun to the car. As you passed by in the car you notice a lot of palm trees. It takes you about an hour to get to the resort. Go to the next page.

  2. As you ride in the golf cart to your room you hear the driver talking to the person on the other line of the walkie-talkie. The man on the other line says, “We’ve got another one missing. You better come down and take a look.” “Ok,” the man says, “ but first I have to take some people to their room. See you soon.” This makes you think, should you go see what happens, or should you stay with your parents? If you think you should go check it out turn to page 13.If you think you should stay with your parents turn to page 6.

  3. You guys decide to go shopping. You buy all kinds of clothes, shoes, hats, and accessories. Then the next day Christi puts on her knew shirt and it does not fit. Christi has grown out of her new clothes and is too big for them! The End Start Over Go back

  4. You decide to tell the cops about the treasure. You guys run to the police station. When you go inside and tell them, they all start to crack up. Then you say, “They’re going to be no help.” You guys run back to where the treasure is, but just when you turn the corner you see two people taking the gold. You start to run but they hear you, and they soon catch up to you and grab you……… The End Start Over Go back

  5. You decide to stay with your parents where you think you are safe. At night you hear a scream next door. Your parents and brother are up too. You all run to the door. The guy sees you looking at him and grabs you all. You are never to be seen again. The End Start Over Go back

  6. You decide to run to your room. Your parents are nowhere in sight, so you run to the pool area. “SURPRISE!” “Happy birthday,” your parents say. “Not now,” you say out of breath. “Honey,” your mom says, “It was just a setup. We thought we would make you go on an adventure instead of telling you to go to the pool. You can’t believe it! The End Start Over Go back

  7. You decide to tell them about the note. You go up to them and say, “I found this note in the bathroom.” They skim through the note and murmur something. You run back to your room and dial your friend’s phone number. You ask her to come down this evening, and she agrees. You say you will meet her at 12-mile road at 10:40 this evening. It is now 10:20. You pack your things in a small backpack and leave. Once you get there, you see your friend at the corner. Go to the next page.

  8. She starts asking tons of questions. You tell her to be quiet. “What?” she asks. I heard something over there in the corner. “Someone’s coming,” you say, “Get in the bush.” You and Christi jump in the bush but leave some room for your eyes to see who is coming. It is a man with a cap and a long cloak! He rounds the corner but then you see another man dressed the same way. He rounds another corner. You start to head toward one of the corners. Christi says she wants to go to the other way. If you think you should go Christi’s way, turn to page 17. If you decide to go your way, turn to page 26

  9. You guys decide to save the money for college. You soon go to college at a very good school. The End Start Over Go back

  10. You decide to tell someone. They don’t believe you, so you start walking back when someone grabs you. The End Start Over Go back

  11. You decide to go check it out. As you are walking, you are very careful because you see caution tape. You think that must be the place that they were talking about. You creep down to the room where you see people in there who don’t notice you. You run into the bathroom and notice there is a note. The people who work there obviously don’t notice it. It reads: This is my fourth hostage so if you ever want to see them again meet me by the swimming pool at 11:00 sharp! If you think you should tell them about the note turn to page 9. If you think you should keep it to yourself, turn to page 23.

  12. You guys decide to not tell anyone. Then Christi asks, “What should we do with all this treasure?” You say, “We should move it.” You start to move it into a building. After it is all moved, you see a trap door. You wonder what’s in it. “Lets go tell some one,” you say. If you think you should go in it turn to page 22 If you think you should let someone know turn to page12

  13. You guys round the second corner and don’t see anybody. You look around quietly, but there is know one in sight. You ask Christi, “Where did he go?” You start walking to a corner, but you turn. There right in front of you is jewelry and gold. “Wow!” you say, “Where did this come from?” “I don’t know. Lets take some!” Christi says. You don’t agree. “We better go to the cops.” If you think you should tell the cops turn to page 4. If you think you should take the gold turn to page 15.

  14. When you guys go back home you can’t decide what to do with the check. Finally, you get a big idea how about you can save the money for college. Christi thinks you should go shopping.  If you think you should go shopping turn to page 3. If you think you should save it for college, turn to page 11.

  15. You decide to go in the trap door. As you enter you hear a strange sound. You run to the noise. It is the people who were kidnapped. You run toward them and free them. They thank you and scream, “Let’s get out of here.” You guys go straight to the police station and tell them all about it. When you get back to the resort, you hear that the bad guys have been caught. You then enjoy the rest of your vacation. The End Start Over Go back

  16. You decide to keep it to yourself. During the night you hide in the bushes, but you hear someone coming. He stops right where you are hiding. Then you sneeze. He then looks in the bushes and sees you. He then takes you with him………….. The End Start Over Go back

  17.   You decide to go to the door, but you suddenly drop. “Ahhhh,” You scream. You finally drop all the way down, but don’t see Christi. You see two hallways and pick the first one. As you start walking, you hear something. It must be Christi. You start running toward the sound, and you run right into Christi. “What are you doing?” you say, “Look! Do you see the bright light?” That is your ticket out. You start running as fast as you can until you get back to the resort.  Go to the next page

  18. You run into a bunch of people who look like they are having a party. You ask your mom and dad why there is a party. They say, “We caught the bad guys, thanks to you.” You each get a huge check and enjoy the rest of your vacation. Turn to page 19.

  19. You guys decide to round the first corner. As you tiptoe down Main Street, you see two people talking. It is the man that rounded the 2 corners. You hide behind a box and a trash can but do not notice a door behind you. “Christi!” you say, but she is not there. You hear a scream. You look behind you, and the door is open. The bad guys see you, and they start to chase you. If you think you should go through the door, turn to page 24. If you think you should run, turn to page7.

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