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Sales & Trading Breakout PowerPoint Presentation
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Sales & Trading Breakout

Sales & Trading Breakout

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Sales & Trading Breakout

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  1. Sales & Trading Breakout Ash Pabalkar Finance Club 11/6/05

  2. Agenda • WSF feedback • Informational Interviews • Upcoming events

  3. Wall Street Forum in Perspective • Good job! • We hit 8 major banks in 3 days • New this year: BoA, UBS Stamford, Lehman Trading Simulation • On campus interview schedules & events: Morgan Stanley, Lehman, Deutsche, UBS • Off campus: Citigroup, BoA, Goldman, Bank of Ann Arbor, etc.

  4. Wall Street Forum Feedback Overall the Forum was a success, feedback was positive from the banks “encourage students to setup informational interviews, it helps the recruiting process immensely” “make sure your questions are rank-specific” “do send thank you notes, attach your resume and have someone proofread it if English is not your native language” “it is as important to be likeable as it is to know the technical details” MBA1 feedback?

  5. WSF – next steps It’s time to hustle! • Send thank you notes (resume attached) to the people you met at WSF 2. Buy a few airline tickets, make arrangements to stay in NY 3. In the follow up emails, indicate when you will be in New York and that you want to schedule an informational interview

  6. Thank you notes “it was nice meeting you during the Michigan WSF on mm/dd.. I enjoyed our conversation about xx..learnt a lot about Bank Z..will be in NY on mm/dd..let me know what your schedule looks like for an informational interview..” Keep it short and sweet (5-6 lines max.) Attach your reviewed resume (pdf format) Have your peers proofread the thank you note template for errors Personalize as much as possible

  7. Informational interview (movie clip) An Informational interview is an opportunity For you: • Learn about the firm & desk • Indicate your interest & dedication For the firm: • Size you up, learn more about you • Collect information on who should be on the closed list

  8. Informational Interview Be armed with (remember the four legged stool?) • Your story • Stock pitches (2-3) • View on the markets • The right attitude In addition, • List of questions specific to the firm/desk • Several copies of your resume

  9. Informational Interview Be armed with (remember the four legged stool?) • Your story • Stock pitches (2-3) 3. View on the markets 4. Networking, the right attitude In addition, very important to have: • A list of questions specific to the firm/desk • Several copies of your resume on nice paper

  10. Informationals (contd.) • Schedule not more than 2 banks/day (you want them to pass you around to people at other desks, so leave sufficient time for this to happen, travel time, etc.) • Be punctual, professional, well put together, etc. This is an interview! • Be prepared for a lot of downtime or none at all (hang out at the wi-fi hotspot and send thank you mails or setup the next round of informationals)

  11. Informationals (contd.) • How do you set them up? Two ways: • Email the person directly • The recruiter will set them up for you, if they tell you so • Spread yourself out a little bit, expect a response rate of 15-20% • Typically people will ask you to confirm a a couple of days in advance

  12. Upcoming Events • Monday, November 7 2PM-4PM: Office hours 7PM-8:30PM: Deutsche Bank S&T Presentation - read up on credit derivatives - do your HW on DB 2. Thursday, November 10 5PM-6:30PM: Lehman Interns Panel (D1230) - Recruiter, some alums present 7PM–9PM: Reception at Rush Street - transportation provided but bring cars if you can