biobran and lentinplus n.
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VG1L Singapore | Lentinplus Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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VG1L Singapore | Lentinplus Singapore

VG1L Singapore | Lentinplus Singapore

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VG1L Singapore | Lentinplus Singapore

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  1. BIOBRAN AND Lentinplus

  2. Sing Health Care Wild Tongkat Ali contains: 100% pure powder extract., Each bottle contains 60 pcs of vegetable capsules @ 100mg from the root EurycomaLongifolia., It is 100% water - soluble extract 100% pure powder extract. WILD TONGKAT ALI SINGAPORE

  3. Biobran is made from “ rice bran”. The Chinese word “rice bran” means “ rice” and “ health.” Biobran is helpful in maintaing immune system of our body. To know more about biobran visit to our website. BIOBRAN SINGAPORE

  4. Rice kafiren is a non dairy sourced lactobacillus kefiranofaciens product. Kefiran the major component of kefir provides functions such as lipid metabolism improving action, and controlling of intestinal function. RICE KEFIRAN SINGAPORE

  5. VG1L is a hydrogen water activator system, it helps to improve skin complexion, alertness and body metabolism.VG1L helps to keep our body function in good condition. To know more about VG1L visit to our website. VG1L SINGAPORE

  6. Lentin plus is made from rice bran. Lentin plus helps to maintain immune system and intestinal absorption. To know more about lentin plus visit to our website. LENTINPLUS SINGAPORE

  7. NKCP which contains functional protein called “ bacillopeptides f ” , it helps to maintain healthy circulation. To know more about NKCP visit to our website. NKCP SINGAPORE

  8. Luminesce daily moisturizingcream is a skin care product that will help you to glow your skin. It will help you to protect your skin from harmful UV rays . To know more visit to our website. Luminesce Daily Moisturizing cream Singapore

  9. Slipped Disk Therapy Singapore,Also known as "Herniated Disc", slipped disc occurs when the part of the spinal cord where the nerve originated may be disturbed, for example by a slipped or ruptured disc or by an inflammation in the vertebral bone. SLIPPED DISK THERAPY SINGAPORE

  10. Far Infrared Ray Radiator Panda,Small, light and portable. Relaxes eye muscles; clearer vision achieved in just 1 min.  Benefits those who suffer from muscle ache, stiff / frozen shoulder, rheumatism, arthritis, indigestion, healing of wounds (especially those of dialysis patients), disinfect etc. FAR INFRARED RAY RADIATOR PANDA

  11. Cell minerals Singapore, Helps to balance and metabolise acidic substances. Helps to strengthen bones and relax muscles. Rapid absorption of various minerals to maintain healthy bones. Improves sleep. Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Potassium Citrate. CELL MINERALS SINGAPORE

  12. Email - • Website - • Phone no. -  +65 9757 7187 • Address - Singapore