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Skill Development Programming PowerPoint Presentation
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Skill Development Programming

Skill Development Programming

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Skill Development Programming

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  1. SAPS CLASSES Skill Development Programming

  2. Ovierview • Abacus •  Vedic Maths •  Handwriting Improvement   •  Foreign Languages   •  English Speaking Course  

  3. Abacus EklavyaI Contents:Abacus Coaching Eligible Age Group:Students moving to Standard 1st to 7th Brief About Abacus: Abacus education is a brain development program that unleashes the unlimited power of Human Brain. It is a brain training exercise that develops both right and left part of the brain.

  4. This program is based on scientifically proved techniques that develops and improves: • Concentration • Visualization • Creativity • Quick Decision Making • Fast Analyzing • Accuracy & Excellent grasping power • Self Confidence

  5. Vedic Maths EklavyaII Contents: Vedic MathsCoaching Eligible Age Group: Students moving to Standard 4th to 9th Brief About Vedic Maths: Vedic Mathematics is a System of Mathematics propounded in Ancient Times Based on 16 Basic Sutras. Vedic Maths Education assists students in achieving great deal of success in their career path.

  6. Some of the prominent benefits are mentioned hereunder:  • Mathematical skills are developed and sharpened •  Drastically improves speed of arithmetic calculations • Improves Grasping Power and Analytical skills • Very Helpful tool for succeeding in Competitive Exams

  7. Handwriting Improvement   EklavyaIII Contents : Handwriting Improvement Program Brief About Handwriting Improvement : Handwriting is the Mirror Image of one’s Personality. Committed to student’s all-round development, SAPS undertakes Handwriting Improvement Program. It is a 30 hours compact result-oriented program delivered by professionally trained teachers.

  8. Foreign Languages • EklavyaV • Contents: Japanese Language Coaching • Eligible Age Group: Students moving to standard 7thonwards • Why one should Learn Japanese Language: • Proficiency in Foreign Language is regarded as an outstanding skill •    Japanese Language Syllabus applicable to Std 11th and 12th gets covered

  9. It Also…. •    Scholarships from Japanese Government •    Higher Studies in Japanese Universities • becomes Easier •    Job Opportunities in India as Interpreters and • Translators •    Preference in Job Opportunities in Japan

  10. English Speaking Course EklavyaIV Contents: Training on Spoken English & Grammar Eligible Age Group: Students moving to standard 6th and above. Brief About English Course: With Globalisation and Liberalisation, English has become Global Language of Communication”. Dr. Rajendra Prasad said "The English language in all an advanced and flexible one and its teaching should not be discarded altogether. Indian cannot afford to ignore this language". Understanding the importance of English Communication, SAPS has undertaken the task of Personality Development through Spoken English Courses.

  11. Somalwar Academy of Professional Studies SomalwarKhamla Campus Ranapratap Nagar Road Nagpur ,Maharashtra India-440025. Mail Tel: +919595716600,+919595442200,0712-2287360, 0712-2287667