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Tourism...Good or Bad? PowerPoint Presentation
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Tourism...Good or Bad?

Tourism...Good or Bad?

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Tourism...Good or Bad?

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  1. Tourism...Good or Bad? St. Lucia has changed over the years because of many things. One main cause of change is the many tourists that visit, for both weddings and holidays. Due to the increase of tourists the islanders have needed to build more hotels and restaurants, this has had an immediate affect on the island by landscapes having to be destroyed. Some of the islanders are happy with the increased number of tourists, they believe that they are helping to create more jobs for the locals.

  2. Reasons for and against...

  3. Tourism • Tourists enjoy a wide variety of activities when they visit St. Lucia, including; • helicopter tours • windsurfing • sailing • scuba diving • waterskiing • deep sea fishing • golf

  4. You are on holiday in St. Lucia and need to write a postcard home to tell your family and/or friends how your holiday is going. They may be interested to know about, • * the weather * what your hotel is like * the food • * what you have been doing * what you plan on doing

  5. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

  6. Planning your Journey to St. Lucia.

  7. What will you need to think about when planning your visit to St. Lucia?

  8. My Journey to St. Lucia. Using atlases, travel brochures and the internet work out how you would get to St. Lucia. Remember you will start off at your house and end up at your chosen destination in St. Lucia. Happy planning! This is an example of a route from Wales to St. Lucia. I load my luggage and get into my car at 10.00am. I head for the A483 to Chester and then follow the road signs to Manchester Airport along the M56. After finding a car space, I get the bus to Terminal 1. Once loading my luggage I wait to be called to the gate. I am flying with Thomas Cook to St. Lucia. On route to St. Lucia I fly in between the Azores and Cape Verde Islands and then over the Caribbean Sea past Dominica and Barbados. Eight hours and 45 minutes later we land at the Airport in Castries, I then catch the transfer bus to my hotel in Dennery in the South East of the Island.