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Western New York Quality Measurement Collaborative Project (WNYQMC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Western New York Quality Measurement Collaborative Project (WNYQMC)

Western New York Quality Measurement Collaborative Project (WNYQMC)

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Western New York Quality Measurement Collaborative Project (WNYQMC)

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  1. Western New York Quality Measurement Collaborative Project (WNYQMC) Funding: New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Quality Management and Outcomes Research Coordinating Agency: P2 Collaborative of Western New York

  2. Quality Measures Report • The data will be comprised of pharmacy and medical claims data provided by the area’s three health plans and aggregated by a third-party technology vendor who will prepare the quality metric results. • Physicians will be able to review their aggregated quality metric results via password-protected web portal.

  3. Quality Measures Report • Supporting patient-level data will be made available in paper form to individual physicians upon their request. • For the first time, primary care physicians will be receiving one quality report detailing the results of 19 quality metrics, rather than three different statistical reports from each of the plans.

  4. Report Distribution

  5. NYSDOH Grant Nineteen health quality measures will be reported in the document: • Breast cancer screening - Cervical cancer screening • Colorectal cancer screening - Chlamydia screening • Childhood immunization status - Lead screening in children • Cholesterol management for patients - Persistence of beta-block with cardiovascular conditions treatment after a heart attack • ACE/ARB treatment (post-heart failure) - Prenatal/postpartum care • Comprehensive diabetes care - Antidepressant medication (hemoglobin A1C testing, retinal exam, management – acute phase nephropathy screening, LDL testing) treatment & continuation phase • Use of appropriate medications for - Appropriate treatment for people with asthma children with upper respiratory • Appropriate testing for children with infection pharyngitis

  6. NYSDOH Grant • Grant also calls for distribution of Inpatient Hospital Quality Rates all hospitals in eight country region using data.

  7. WNYQMC Deliverables Current Status • Three health plans have contributed pharmacy and medical claims to data aggregator (ViPS) • Physician advisory group and health plan representatives have worked together to develop methodologies for attributing patients to physicians • 19 HEDIS measures were selected • Only primary physicians (internists, family practitioners and pediatricians) involved in first round of reporting will receive reports

  8. WNYQMC Deliverables Upcoming Events (2009) ViPS will produce baseline reports for 2007 measures during 1Q 2009 • Physicians will be able to access aggregate reports through static web portal • Password protected web site. • Only individual physicians and P2 project manager will have access to 2007 aggregated data. • Support documentation for each measure can be supplied by postal mail in paper for upon physician request. • Benchmarking will be provided.

  9. WNYQMC Deliverables • Physicians will be requested to complete on-line survey following report review • Initial feedback on report results (accuracy, ease of use, etc.) • Obtain requests for P2 assistance on improving specific quality measures (delivery system redesign, collaborative learning groups, etc.) • Physicians will receive an honorarium for accessing report and completing survey.

  10. WNYQMC Deliverables Upcoming Events (2009) • P2 Collaborative will provide quality improvement assistance in correlation to survey results (e.g., practice enhancement associates, QI integrator, QI curriculum). • Second report due out at end of 1Q 2009 (2008 data). • A pilot project will explore the development of a methodology to group physicians by practice. • Reporting on certain specialty physician groups (psychologists, endocrinologists, etc.) is being explored.

  11. Sample Report