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Eye Exam - Eye Checkup PowerPoint Presentation
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Eye Exam - Eye Checkup

Eye Exam - Eye Checkup

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Eye Exam - Eye Checkup

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  1. Who Need Eye Exams? It’s only right that we undergo eye exam regularly. This is even more crucial when it comes to children. A child should undergo this exam when he or she is as young as 6 months old. When they have reached the age 3 or 6, they need their eyes to be examined once more. This is also crucial when the child reaches the high school age. This is especially true when you suspect that your child is suffering from eye problem. Premature babies are those who usually get vision problems while they are growing. That’s why they have to undergo eye exams more frequently. Those who have family history of having eye problems are at high risk of developing vision problems. They also need to have frequent eye exams. For adults, the frequency of eye exams would vary according to age. Adults who are older than 40 have to undergo eye exams every 2 if not 3 years.Those who have been wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses have to undergo eye exam every year.

  2. People who have been suffering from diabetes and hypertension should also have eye exam every year. Those who are sixty years old and above, they should also undergo eye exam every year. Remember that those who are beyond 60 years old are susceptible to conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and presbyopia. For people who need or like to undergo an eye exam Miami, they have choices of professionals to go to. These are the following: optician, ophthalmologist, and the optometrist.