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Common Types Of Digital Advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Types Of Digital Advertising

Common Types Of Digital Advertising

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Common Types Of Digital Advertising

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  1. Common Types Of Digital Advertising Digital advertising has become more important than ever before to help your business grow, dominate and success. It is essential to keep updated with the latest trends. With so many different types of digital advertising, it's not easy to keep up with everything that is happening. The six main types of digital advertising that businesses are using today is display adverts, display social media, search, video, native and email marketing. Many overlaps in characteristics and can be used a complementary tool. Display advertising is one of the most basic types of digital advertising and is made up of text and images. This usually shows as banners or landing pages, pop-ups or flash adverts on websites and blogs. The difference is that they do not show up in search results. They are affordable and very easy to implement. The display adverts can be placed just about anywhere on the internet, though it does not guarantee that you will reach your audience, in fact, the chances of your advert being irrelevant to most users is high. It is more affordable than other types of advertising and it can help you boost brand visibility. Native advertising is very similar to display adverts, but they are more strategic and placement is carefully selected to ensure you reach your target audience. They are sponsored listings that are camouflaged into feeds. There are several types and are based on your audiences’ online habits, showing them adverts that are relevant. Native advertising is not obtrusive, as users see adverts that are relevant to them. Social media marketing has grown in demand and is one of the best places for digital advertising due to the large number of users and how easy it is to target your audience. Social media marketing has a variety of digital adverts available based on the platform you are using. There are video ads, native and display ads on social media platforms. It is advisable to have an account with a variety of different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Paid social media adverts are native adverts and help you reach you target audience. Organic social media adverts are word of mouth marketing and is when someone shares a post about your service or product. This can be a story or video. Organic social media adverts are an excellent way to build brand loyalty. Another common form of digital advertising is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is a dependable type of digital advertising focusing on keywords. There is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The most popular platforms are Google and Bing. More than ninety percent of people searching online only look at the first page of results. A good SEM campaign can help you climb the listings to reach your audience and boost your brand visibility. PPC campaigns enable businesses to come up first on the first page of results when a user types in keywords relevant to your advert. These are paid adverts and you only pay for results. SEO takes time and needs a proven strategy to slowly get you to the first page. Search engines show their results based on relevance, which means optimizing your website for keywords to increase your changes of climbing to the first page. Video advertising is an easy digital advertising technique. It is a video that promotes your brand or product. Video adverts often show up before someone watches a video on YouTube or Facebook. They can also be integrated into display or native adverts.

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