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How to improve the Mobile Customer Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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How to improve the Mobile Customer Experience

How to improve the Mobile Customer Experience

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How to improve the Mobile Customer Experience

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  1. How to Enhance the Mobile Customer Experience

  2. Introduction • Mobile communication is a cultural shift that has compelled companies to work on improving mobile experience, driven by mobile applications, for their customers. • We all know the importance of these mobile applications and their impact on our daily routine. They are typically computer programs that run on a mobile device. • Looking at its importance, various companies like banks, airlines, insurance firms are offering mobile solutions for their customers; on the contrary, the outsourcing industry, as an effort to offer flexibility to their employees, has brought in the call center software for mobile devices.

  3. To quickly summarize the importance it has, consider Susan, marketing manager of ABC Enterprise, is on her way to the office. • She’s walking to work with her Smartphone and suddenly realizes that her electricity bill is due today. • Unfortunately, she can’t run to the electricity bureau due to her work commitments. So she takes her Smartphone, downloads the Electricity Board (EB) application – offered by the electricity department, and pays the bill online. • Ya, it was that easy! Without going to the electricity board, physically, Susan could pay the bill at her own convenience within a few minutes.

  4. Mobile applications are taking over our traditional lifestyles and the world is turning high-tech with the increasing inclination of millennial towards Smartphone’s – a factor majorly responsible for the origin of mobile applications. • But let’s look at how the evolution of mobile applications is expected to benefit companies. Apart from reaching a wider audience, what more does it have in stores for you or, more precisely, your business?

  5. You can get granular insights about your customers • It is easier to tailor customer response based on their specifications or demographics • With the growth of mobile applications, you can reach out to a worldwide audience • The most important concern for a company is cost, addressed by mobile applications. • It saves the company’s marketing cost and lets the company send regular updates to their customers. • Once a customer downloads your application, his world revolves around it. For instance: If you download shopping applications like Jabong and Amazon, you will tend to look up for shopping inspirations on these applications throughout your life cycle. Believe it or not, it happens!

  6. It is time we start looking at mobile as a dramatic change that is taking over the service industry. Customers expect quick service, prompt replies, and look forward to having your presence across their preferred modes of communications. • This could be a reason why company’s use 3 different modes of communication to deliver one notification – Messaging, email and application feed. • Lately, call centers have started leveraging these applications to ask pre-calling questions and make customer support /response more efficient. • I definitely want to move ahead and show you how it facilitates communication, but unlike other times I’ll outline few challenges it can address. Take a look:

  7. How to optimize cost-per-call without compromising the customer experience Most companies these days pressurize employees with their high demands. Optimizing cost-per-call is a high priority, although maintaining customer service quality is equally important. You could do this using the following pointers – •    You could pick good call center solutions to assist your efforts •    The job requires employees to be trained, so as to deal with the sensitive issues. This makes it important for you to optimize hiring and training programs. •     There are various activities you could engage in, namely – call monitoring, call back from queue, skill-based routing, self-service options, call resolution and scheduling. •    You could look at offering work flexibility to employees, allowing them to work remotely. •    Last but not the least, optimize business tools used to interact with the customers.

  8. How an investment in a mobile application can improve call center performance • Mobility has created opportunities to improve the customer interactions. This has lead to the adoption of mobile technology, applications, amongst businesses to accomplish various operations like telemarketing, reporting, customer service, back office operations and promoting their brand; adding ease to their business process. • Mobile application allows your employees/ customers to access the required data online/ offline, as per their convenience. To add more to it, a business app will let you manage bookings, shop, manage quick transactions, make mobile payments, read and save data for later use. All of this makes it a small investment with huge returns (ROI). • Many contact centers have already adopted mobile applications to improve their customer service, allowing the customer to access voice and non-voice channels within the app. • You can get in touch with an agent directly through the application or request a call back at your desired time. In such cases, the customers’ details are forwarded to the agent. This keeps the agent informed and allows the company to provide cross-channel experience.

  9. How you could maintain transaction security • The most common aspect of the outsourcing industry has been caller authentication, in-spite the numerous fraudulent transactions happening. • Caller authentication has an automated IVR component as well as a live challenge and response component. These components could lead to an increase in the call handling time, increasing the overall cost. • A solution to this is, using the call center software solutions for secure voice transactions that will allow you to mask the Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones, replacing them with a flat tone when the customer is entering their credit card details to maintain the complete privacy. • We all know the varied uses of mobile applications in our day-to-day life, but let’s look at how an online call center software, when used on a mobile device, can improve cloud communications. • Now that we’ve already looked at a few challenges it can address, let’s take a look at how this software helped a growing call center improve its business process.

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