digital marketing trends for all business in 2017 n.
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Digital Marketing Trends For All Business in 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing Trends For All Business in 2017

Digital Marketing Trends For All Business in 2017

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Digital Marketing Trends For All Business in 2017

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  1. Digital Marketing Trends For All Business in 2017 Submitted By : The Axontech

  2. Let's now drill down into the key tactics and marketing technology within each of these tactics which will be important in 2017. 1. Content marketing trends 2.Marketing Automation 3.Mobile marketing 4.Conversion rate Optimisation (CRO) / improving website experiences 5.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO or organic search) 6. Paid search marketing 7. Online PR (including influence outreach) 8. Communities 9. Display advertising 10. Partnerships including affiliate and co-marketing

  3. 1. Content marketing trends

  4. 2.Marketing Automation (including CRM, behavioral email marketing and web personification) • Like content marketing, marketing automation has been in the top 3 for the last 5 years we have asked this question. Many businesses still have potential for improving their automation as our research on the State of Marketing Automation shows.

  5. 3.Mobile marketing (Mobile advertising, site development and apps) • Mobile was in the top 3 three years ago, but as more companies have adopted mobile responsive web design and email templates they have seen less need to focus on it, or at least there are fewer opportunities for growth. • 'Mobile first' is also misleading if we look at the overall customer journey since often different devices may be involved at different points. So a better vision for mobile strategy is treating it as part of a multiplatform or multichannel strategy. As this data from comScore highlighted in our mobile marketing statistics research shows, the multiplatform ribbons for all countries are much broader than users who are mobile only or desktop only.

  6. 4.Conversion rate Optimisation (CRO) / improving website experiences • This is the technique I selected a year ago as the way Smart Insights would see the most growth from in the year ahead. It's higher in popularity than previous years, but I still wonder whether many businesses are missing out on a more data-driven approach to increase leads and sales from their websites. • Saw this chart of the volume of structured tests presented by a major multichannel retailer who wanted to scale the number of tests they were running. It a great way to show the need to test extensively since only a third have a positive test. It also shows how competitors may be getting ahead if they are testing more extensively.

  7. 5. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO or organic search)

  8. 8. Communities

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