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Synergizing Natural & Research Communities

InSites builds over 100 private online research communities a year for global clients like Heinz, Unilever, Danone, Philips, Vodafone, Heineken, Red Bull and many more.

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Synergizing Natural & Research Communities

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  1. 3 Conclusions 1 Research is about conversations 2 Creating synergies is the future 3 No need to worry

  2. The world as it used to be Asking question

  3. Research has changed From asking questions... ...to having a conversation

  4. Conversation research Social media netnography Research community

  5. Creating synergies Social media netnography Research communities Only spontaneous feedback Representativeness Informed consent Giving back Panel pressure Building a community

  6. Social media netnography Research community Recycle and ask Recruitment Giving back Knowledge

  7. Study 1: exploring the synergy Talkingabout baby milk

  8. 1 Social media netnography English - .co.uk websites > 100.000 conversations 2009-2010

  9. Research community Answer specific questions 2

  10. Experience for Danone? New angles Inspiring Butalso the details A l l o w s t e a m i n v o l v e m e n t Consumer vocabulary

  11. Are natural communities the new research panels?  Faster recruitment  Social glue

  12. Participant satisfaction? 7,8/10

  13. Giving back • Participant does not mind

  14. Speak their language Dear mums, Lots of online chats are about the amount of milk. Some mums share tips and tricks about bf and ff. While some are convinced it’s better to feed on fixed times, other mums are firm believers of feeding on demand (when your LO ‘asks’ for it by for example start crying). What is your opinion on feeding time and duration? Which approach is better for your LO? Thank you, Moderator Anouk  Participant does not mind


  16. Study 2: WIIIFT? A consumer perspective on how companies should use social media UK - N = 518 Social media users (passive & active) Concept test

  17. Using online conversations for research? 32% 53% 15% No need to worry

  18. Social Sales Social CRM Marketing

  19. Joining online conversations? You express your dissatisfactionwith a product or service on social media. This conversation is picked up by an employee of the company that provides the product or service. This person contacts you to solve your problem. 45% 34% 21%

  20. 1 question No need to worry (for us) Others are in control Creating synergies?

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