top 7 ways to avoid severe liver diseases n.
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Liver disease symptoms PowerPoint Presentation
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Liver disease symptoms

Liver disease symptoms

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Liver disease symptoms

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  1. Top 7 Ways to Avoid Severe Liver Diseases January 31, 2019 The liver performs more than 500 activities for our body. That is why it is called the central controller of the body. There are several kinds of health-related problems that arise due to minor defects in it. If you want to keep your body completely healthy, then takes special note of this vital part of it. In addition to heart and kidney diseases, people in India are suffering the most from health problems related to the liver because it has a deep connection to our eating habits and lifestyle. Before knowing about the diseases linked with it, it is essential to understand how this critical part of our body works. The Function of the Liver The functioning of the liver can be understood in such a way that whatever we eat, it goes into the intestines first. The enzymes present their turn the food into fine particles. After this, the half-digested food from the pipes goes into the liver and stores it. The place of the liver in our body is like a chemical factory, which separates nutrients from fine particles of abdominal food. Then with the bloodstream, all these essential vitamins and micronutrients carry the liver to our organs where they are needed. 8 Precautions Every Heart Patient Should Adopt For A Healthy Heart Apart from this it recognizes all toxic elements and separates them. Those who are soluble in water send them to this kidney, and from there they get out of the body with urine. The waste 1/6

  2. which is not able to dissolve in water goes from the liver to the rectum and gets out of the body in the form of a stool. It preserves carbohydrate by converting it into glycogen. Whenever the body is accidentally needed, the liver immediately transforms it into glucose and flows into the blood. During fasting, our body gets energy from the same safe glucose. It also works to create many types of proteins and enzymes and hormones. Health Issues Related To Severe Liver Diseases Usually, three problems related to the liver are most commonly seen-fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Fatty drops in the question of fatty liver interfere with its functioning by accumulating in the liver. This problem can be due to over-consumption of ghee-oil, alcohol and red meat. Swelling occurs in the liver after hepatitis. For this, foodborne infection, unsafe sex or blood transfusion is considered to be responsible. If the treatment is not done at the right time, then this disease takes dangerous form. 7 Ways to Avoid Severe Liver Diseases Drink Alcohol in a Controlled Manner (Image Courtesy: Here are some tips to have a strong liver and avoid severe liver diseases. If you have any liver disease symptoms you can take this precautions to improve your liver performance. And you will not be needing liver treatment if you follow the given points below: Drink Alcohol in a Controlled Manner: For healthy adults, that means up to two drinks a day for men and maximum one drink a day for women. On the other hands, high-risk drinking is defined as over 15 drinks a week for men and over 08 drinks a week for women. Avoid Risky Behavior: Get assistance if you use banned intravenous drugs, and do not share 2/6

  3. needles which are used to inject drugs. Do not forget to make use of a condom during sex. If you wish to have body piercings or tattoos, be particular and careful about cleanliness and safety when choosing a shop. Get Vaccinated (Image Courtesy: Lloydspharmacy) Get Vaccinated: If you are at elevated risk of contracting hepatitis or if you have already been infected with any the hepatitis virus, consult your medical expert about getting the hepatitis A and B vaccines. 3/6

  4. Use Medications Sensibly (Image Courtesy: Use Medications Sensibly: Take non-prescription and prescription drugs only when required and just in recommended doses. Do not mix alcohol and medications at the same time. Consult your medical expert before blending herbal supplements or non-prescription or prescription drugs. Avoid Contact With Others (Image Courtesy: Mind Fuel Daily) 4/6

  5. Avoiding Contacts With Blood And Other Body Fluids: Hepatitis viruses can be spread by inadvertent needle sticks or inappropriate cleanup of body fluids or blood. Aerosol Spray Safety (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock) Pay Special Attention While Using Aerosol Sprays: Make sure the room is ventilated, and wear a mask when spraying fungicides, insecticides, paint, and other harmful chemicals. Always go through the set of instructions prescribed by the manufacturer. 5/6

  6. Take Care of Skin Take Care of Your Skin: When using insecticides and other toxic chemicals, long sleeves, wear gloves, a hat, and a mask. 7 Very Common Food Items A Diabetic Patient Should Avoid Consuming Please follow and like us: 6/6