looking for an erp solution twinpeaks welcomes you n.
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Twin Peaks Online

Twin Peaks Online

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Twin Peaks Online

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  1. Looking for an ERP solution? TwinPeaks welcomes you In most of the food and manufacturing companies-the capital invested, the people employed, the number of orders and management time—are on the operations side of the business. These resources have to be synchronized, positioned and governed in such a manner that they nourish the organization's motive, if not, they will patently debilitate it. For this purpose, TwinPeaks online welcomes you in its diverse variety of interactive Software and Services. TwinPeaks Online, a prominent company in the bakery industry, is serving the outstanding bakery production software-PomeSys Host for distinct food manufacturing and distributing companies. The group of modules-sales orders, inventory costing and control, account receivable and purchase orders as well-are magnificently organized in such a way that they work jointly to form the structural cycle for the entire procedure. Starting from purchased goods to inventory, through production to sales orders, and finally, as invoices-all are the crucial elements for admirably sustaining any business. Sales Orders This Software performs as a specialist in preserving all the orders data-either new, old or a special order-associated with the customers. Loads the input for new customers instantly either it is via phone or fax and you can keep track of the history of all the customers and best selling item which leads you towards maximizing profits. Accounts Receivable

  2. This portion is accountable for all invoicing and billing after the order has been processed and conveyed and memorize all the payment details for each and every order. Nothing needs to be done on the paper booklet, Our software remembers everything. Inventory costing and control Input raw ingredients to the furnished product including recipes, procedures, and production is flawlessly managed in this portion. Although our program assists you in pricing your items beneficially on basis of recipes. Purchase Order This portion is responsible for managing documentation of acquiring ingredients as well as their carriage. Other Products PomeSys Remote PomeSys Remote emphasis on wholesale customers so that they can handle their invoices, statements and standing orders with our cloud-based order entry management program. With this software, there is no need to alter orders manually, your customer does the modifications themselves through web portals and you get notified by the same so that you can ensure on-time productions. Pometime This is a fantastic and inexpensive software having two modules-back ends and Android-which are accountable to add employees, set up their timings at work and easily clock in/out for employees in distinct ways.

  3. Why TwinPeaks? TwinPeaks is serving ERP solutions to diverse food and manufacturing companies from last 30 years. TwinPeaks online offers highly interactive and inexpensive software which are fast and secure method to keep track of your business activities in order to reduce cost and increase sales.