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Introduction To Inflatable 5k Run- Lets Run With Fun PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction To Inflatable 5k Run- Lets Run With Fun

Introduction To Inflatable 5k Run- Lets Run With Fun

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Introduction To Inflatable 5k Run- Lets Run With Fun

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  1. Vancen Industrial Limited Vancen Industrial Limited is a unique inflatables factory positioned in China starting from 2010, our product range covers bouncy castle, inflatable slide. we committed to providing his guest high-quality products, We focus on developing the land to be an amazing park such as inflatable floating water park, beach aqua fun park, and bubble hotel camping park. visit:

  2. Introduction To Inflatable 5k Run- Lets Run With Fun It is unclear today that how inflatable 5k came up in conversation and became so famous worldwide. But there is hardly anyone who would deny the fun and enjoyment of inflatable 5k. The Inflatable 5K Run is a dynamic and funny running contest.

  3. The inflatables are made up of inflatable obstacles entirely. You must have lots of zeal - for bouncing and jumping and only then this game is all yours to indulge in. The crazy bouncing, the throwing challenges will leave you surprised from the beginning till the end. Let's bounce back for more;

  4. 5k Run Course Preview The Inflatable 5k Run is undoubtedly something that you have never experienced before in any other familiar race. Each obstacle of the inflatable is designed uniquely, challenging, and funny in every possible way. The length of the course is approximately 5k distance, which is 3.1 miles. Each venue set of 5k has its particular terrain.

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  8. CONTACT USAddress: #17 ,helongqilu, baiyun dist,Guangzhou,Guangdong, 510000Phone: 0086 18620702 347Email: info@airfunspace.comWebsite: