5 unavoidable components of an alluring suit look n.
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5 Unavoidable components of an alluring Suit Look PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Unavoidable components of an alluring Suit Look

5 Unavoidable components of an alluring Suit Look

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5 Unavoidable components of an alluring Suit Look

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  1. 5 Unavoidable components of an alluring Suit Look Suit up because your personality isn’t the first thing that people see. The suit look is one of the simplest way to become a gentleman. A man looks his best in formal attire. According to some ladies, “A man who is dressed in a suit is the hottest thing in the world”. Even though, it’s an effortless

  2. way to look sexy and sophisticated, both at the same time, pulling it off the right way is not an easy task. For all the gentleman out there, listed below are some of the key components of a suit look. Check them out. Fitting of the suit The suit look is not just a matter of sticking to the dress code. Carrying the suit look in the right way is a responsibility and the fitting plays the vital role in it. This very aspect can make or break the entire look of an individual. The sleeves of the jacket should sit at the top of the wrist, so that, half an inch of the cuff of the shirt is visible. The hem should fall just where your fingertips end naturally. The lining that joins the shoulder with the arms of the suit should lie in the horizontal plane.

  3. Accessories In general you accessorize your personal look, but in a suit look, you need to stylize the jacket. The tie is optional if you are not going to a very formal event. Pocket squares are a must. It’s color and the pattern should match the shade of the shirt. Brooch is another optional choice. Along with this, the cufflinks are other necessity when you have a suit on. Even though it is worn on the cuff of the shirt, it can jazz up your suit. The belt and shoes should match your coat.

  4. Leather belts are the most recommended ones to be paired with it. Color combination Choosing the right color combination is a tricky job. While the current fashion quotient allows you to explore the options and raise the bar of your style statement, sticking to the basic is always safe. According to conventions, the dark shade paired with the light ones are the best option. If the shirt feature patterns, then, the suit should have solid color and vice-versa. Along with this, the trouser should always match the color of the suit. Even the tie should compliment the coat. Having said this, the combination of the entire ensemble should highlight your skin tone. So, make your selection carefully.

  5. Right pair of bottoms Formal trousers and jeans are some of the options, when it comes to bottoms. Formal pants should not be plated. Avoid

  6. wearing rugged jeans with the jacket. The bottom should be sophisticated and clean. Most men miss out considering this aspect. At the same time, the style of men’s underwear is important. Pair a seamless skivvy like men’s low cut bikini underwear or men’s thong and other fashionably masculine undies with the fitting trouser. The visible waistband and underwear line can ruin the entire look. Self-grooming The suit can make you a man, but you need to trigger the gentleman within you. Indulge in grooming and don a neat and clean appearance. Shave properly and clean up appropriately. The attire and the footwear should be clean as well. Take good care of your hair as well. The hairstyle should be elegant. Wear the right fragrance of cologne as this is the greatest trait of a gentleman. You should smell fresh and pleasant all day long. Were these points helpful? Is there something that you would like to add to it? Share with us in the comments below.