in modern era every one wishes to have fit body n.
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5 components of fitness PowerPoint Presentation
5 components of fitness

5 components of fitness

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  1. In modern era, every one wishes to have fit body. They struggle to gain fitness but they take fitness in wrong context. Merely having lean belly and lean body is not fitness. You can gain fitness until you don’t achieve 5 essential components of fitness. Fitness include •Muscular Endurance •Muscular Strength •Flexibility •Body composition •Cardiovascular Endurance Muscular Endurance Muscular endurance is the body ability to perform repetitive moves for longer period of time without having feeling of tiredness. One example of muscular endurance is marathon race in which your body muscles perform same moves for longer period of time. The people with low muscular endurance finish race last or end the race soon after start of race. The person with high muscular endurance finishes the race. The longer period of time your muscles can perform, the greater muscular would be. Check your Muscular endurance level There are many test which can be perform to check muscular endurance but sit-up test is recommended. To perform Sit-up test •Lie down on flat surface so that you knees should be bend while making right angle with floor and your both hand should be on your thighs.

  2. •Squeeze your stomach and push your up toward your knees while doing so slightly move your both hand from your thigh to your knees. •Keep your head and neck in static position. Now go back to your initial position to complete one rep. The longer you can perform this task, greater muscular endurance level would be. You can also improve your muscular endurance by engaging yourself in physical exercises. Muscular strength Muscular strength means ability of muscles to produce maximum force against resistance in one maximum effort. Some people mix up muscular strength with muscular endurance. Both are two different things. For example, lifting 20kg weight for maximum period of time is muscular endurance and lifting weight more than 20kg in one rep is muscular strength. Check muscular strength Pushups test can be performed to check muscular strength. The higher number of pushup you can perform, the greater muscular strength would be. To improve muscular strength you can squat, pulling, jumping and lunging. Flexibility

  3. Flexibility simply refers to the joints ability to perform different range of motion easily. Flexibility helps you in performing better in sports and in workout sessions. If you have less flexible body than you may difficulty in bending, squatting and others sport which engage you joints and muscles. Benefits of flexibility •It Improves joints ability to perform different range of motion •It reduces muscles pain •It reduce pain in lower back •It prevents you from injuries during perform physical activities •It also improve blood circulation Test to check flexibility To check you flexibility, stand straight and join your both feet. Lfit you both arms up pointing toward sky. Now slowly bend your back while trying to touch your both hands to your toes. The more easily you can do this, the more flexible body you have. You can improve your flexibility by practicing, static, dynamic and active isolating stretching. Body Composition

  4. Body composition is the proportion between body fats and lean mass (fat free mass). Everybody Is made of bones, muscles and tissues but each body has different body structure, especially body composition always differ.

  5. Body composition is effected by different factors like Genes, age, sex and hormones). Higher percentage of fats in your body can put your life at risk by engaging you in dangerous diseases like heart attack, heart stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes type II. Cardiovascular Endurance Cardiovascular endurance means coordination and together working of lungs and heart to perform different physical activities like cycling, swimming, running and jumping etc. for longer period of time. The longer you can perform physical task without feeling of tiredness, the better cardiovascular endurance level is. Test to check Cardiovascular Endurance. You can perform different test to check your endurance level but step test is prefer more than copper run. To perform step task follow these steps •Stand straight in front of 12 inch bench •Lift up your feet and step it up on bench while keeping you second feet at initial position •Next, step up second feet at bench. •In next step down one feet and then step down second feet in other second.]

  6. •Perform this exercise for at least 3 minutes. The lower the heart beat after performing this task would be, the greater cardiovascular endurance would be. You can engage yourself in different exercises to increase your cardiovascular endurance. These 5 components of fitness are essential to call yourself a fit. If you don’t have anyone of them than You haven’t a fit personality.