ganttchart for clearquest a d hoc planning and operational management of projects n.
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GanttChart for IBM Rational ClearQuest ver 1.3.1 PowerPoint Presentation
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GanttChart for IBM Rational ClearQuest ver 1.3.1

GanttChart for IBM Rational ClearQuest ver 1.3.1

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GanttChart for IBM Rational ClearQuest ver 1.3.1

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  1. GanttChartforClearQuest. Adhocplanningandoperationalmanagementofprojects

  2. GanttChart for IBM Rational ClearQuest • Testimonials

  3. This solution was developed as a result of an effort of both our specialists and our clients. The idea to create such solution has emerged as a result of close cooperation with our customers and deep understanding of their business problems. In most companies we have cooperated with the planning horizon for tasks and works is measured in months and quarters, but not years. Project managers have often to modify work schedule, update it, establish priorities, and set responsible persons. ClearQuest is a powerful tool that simplifies this process, but it has its limits. In ClearQuest, planning and representation of tasks is performed in flat view, but all managers are used to using the Gantt chart for planning. Unfortunately, the standard ClearQuest package does not provide users with such opportunity. GanttChart for ClearQuest allows managers to save a lot of time while preparing plans of work/tasks and exercising operational control over the project. In absolute terms, a manager spends about 12-16 minutes on rescheduling the average group of connected tasks without using GanttChart. Using GanttChart for ClearQuest, the same operation takes 10-15 seconds. So, using GanttChart for ClearQuest results in increasing the manager’s efficiency and manageability of the whole project. We are greatly pleased to have gained recognition of our contribution from IBM Corporation" • Alexander Novichkov, CEO, CM-Consult, IBM Rational ClearQuest certify specialist.

  4. CM-Consult’s GanttChart is a product that was wanted by many project managers using IBM Rational ClearQuest. It allows executing almost every PM’s task within IBM Rational ClearQuest in a new and agile way. • Vasily Razuvaykin, Former Rational sales specialist, IBM (2005-2007)

  5. With GanttChart module my team achieved possibility to plan tasks for  change requests resolving right after acceptance, in the same tool, without any intermediate steps. I recommend this tool as a rapid-planning extension to all teams, which use ClearQuest. • Rustam Zaydullin, Lead analyst, SCM Specialist, TatNeft (Oil company).

  6. This is a usefull and successful solution allowing to simplify a life to ClearQuest users who got used to work with Gantt charts. Visualisation of hierarchy and relationships of change requests of different types allows to accelerate the analysis of a current tasks' status and to make a decision faster. • Dmitry Lapygine, Rational Technical Specialist, IBM EE/A, SWG Department.

  7. The major advantage of the GanttChart tool is the ability to graphically represent states of activities. When you have a large number of activities it is difficult to visually represent and estimate them using the grid view only. In such case, a chart is very useful.Another advantage is the possibility to modify dates of activities in graphic view (i.e. in a chart itself) that simplifies data updating in ClearQuest. • Jesuino Jose de Freitas Neto, IT Executive Manager, Banco do Nordeste do Brazil, Federal  Bank of Brazil

  8. GanttChart

  9. The module is made in the form of Plug-in for IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.0 and upper • This module is intended for every person who uses IBM Rational ClearQuest and is short of project management capabilities • The module does not substitute for existing project management tools but adds the operational sections into IBM Rational • The module has no analogues in the world!

  10. GanttChart for ClearQuest – is the new generation module that is intended for concerted operations with IBM Rational ClearQuest Eclipse. All project management functions of the module are available immediately after its installation in the standard menu of IBM ClearQuest • GanttChart for ClearQuest is the very flexible solution which allows setting up any change requests with any relations and any nesting level, granting meanwhile the fine tuning of additional fields

  11. Why GanttChart? • GanttChart for ClearQuest allows project managers and executives: • To analyze the project progress in real-time mode • To promptly modify the work schedule • When service-oriented approach is used and every day a lot of requests require project manager’s attention, GanttChart allows managers to save time spent on rescheduling groups of requests (change requests and enhancement requests) • To efficiently allocate resources • To promptly convert requests from one state into another • To modify planned dates of groups of tasks and requests by dragging tasks and requests on a chart by the mouse • GanttChart for ClearQuest allows project participants: • To view their load relative to the whole pool of requests (tasks, defects, requests, etc.) • To comfortably work with the work schedule

  12. GanttChart for ClearQuest is added to the IBM Global Solutions Directory with the ID# 41151.

  13. FundamentalcapabilitiesofGanttChart • Here are the fundamental capabilities of GanttChart for ClearQuest: • Multiplatform. Our module is being incorporated into the Eclipse client of IBM Rational ClearQuest and works on different platforms of Widows and Unix • There is no necessity of additional software. Everything works in one tool - IBM Rational ClearQuest. The exceptions are the functions of budgeting, resource distribution and portfolio management • The only one data source and the synchronization in real time. The module allows showing the real state of projecting activities basing on the last changes in IBM Rational ClearQuest. There is no necessity to make additional synchronization or data duplication for it. All visualization functions are real time • All functions of IBM Rational ClearQuest are still accessible. Because of module embedding into IBM Rational ClearQuest the user has an access to the planning capabilities by Gantt diagram and to all the functions of IBM Rational ClearQuest (building requests, reports, graphs etc) at the same time

  14. Main features. Displaying • Displaying a calendar grid and a plan in a separate view of the ClearQuest client for Eclipse • Displaying a hierarchy and relationships between change requests in form of summary tasks and an execution sequence • Displaying a completion rate (in percent) of every change request • Displaying an owner of every change request on a Gantt chart • Displaying planned shifts when editing a plan • Displaying shifts between actual and planned dates • Displaying brief information about a task in form of tooltips • Displaying an UML state diagram for every task (upon a command from the right-click menu) • Displaying change requests on basis of executed queries. • Project manager can generate a query that displays controllable change requests. • Visualization of change requests using different colour schemes depending on a completion rate and ratio of planned to actual dates. • Displaying a workload of an owner • Custom displaying of fields in a chart (ID, Record Type, Headline and any other custom fields) • Visualization of change history for a selected change request

  15. Main features. Management • Available Operations for Change Requests: • Modifying planned start and finish dates from within a Gantt chart • Dragging tasks within the calendar grid on a Gantt chart • Modifying task owners from within a Gantt chart considering possible owners for a selected change request • Grouped operations: • Selecting groups of tasks and performing aggregate modifications of planned dates (prolongation, changing execution dates) • Selecting related tasks and performing aggregate modifications of planned dates • Modifying planned dates for child tasks owing to shifting of an summary task within a Gantt chart • Assigning owners for change requests from within a Gantt chart • Ability to cancel the last operation (Undo functionality) • Preview mode (developing a plan without saving changes to the ClearQuest database) allows saving drafts of a plan Creating new change requests from within a Gantt chart • Creating new change requests from within a Gantt chart • Creating links between an execution sequence and a change request hierarchy from within a Gantt chart

  16. Main features. Navigation and additional features • Navigating to the beginning of a plan to the first task • Navigating to the end of a plan to the last task • Navigating to the current date in a plan • Selecting any date in a calendar plan and highlighting the aggregate of tasks to be executed on this date • Flexible configuration of functions • Export and import configuration for replication • Access restriction to configuration for general users • Automatic building of a Gantt chart on the basis of selected queries • Printing a plan to a printer • Export and import a plan to MS Project format • Export and import a plan to MS Excel format • Specifying a working calendar for a project • Support of ALM schema • Support of any custom ClearQuest schema in case this schema’s change requests contain fields necessary for planning • Multiplatform (executable on all platforms that support IBM Rational ClearQuest Client for Eclipse)

  17. Tasks hierarchy visualization as Gantt Chart

  18. Tasks hierarchy visualization and plan decomposition at high-level tasks: requests and bugs reports grouped by tasks and activities

  19. Color highlights allow decomposing the tasks by their status: e.g. green - done, yellow – in progress, red – is behind time, blue - planned

  20. Workload by owner

  21. Workload

  22. Export to the MS Project

  23. Displaying an UML state diagram for every task (upon a command from the right-click menu)

  24. GanttChart for ClearQuest on Linux. Configure

  25. GanttChart for ClearQuest on Linux. Tasks hierarchy visualization

  26. Main capabilities • Support for multiple platforms • Real time synchronization of Gantt diagram and ClearQuest requests • Visualization of the request’s hierarchy and their relations as Gantt diagram • Tasks visualization basing on the completed queries • Visualization of the task fulfillment percentage • Visualization of the ratio for planned terms and fact terms

  27. Main capabilities • Visualization the change requests with the different color schemes depending on their fulfillment stage and realization on time. The color highlighting will help to separate tasks by their status, e.g. green – complete, yellow – in progress, red – is behind time, blue – only planned • Decomposition of the Gantt diagram for complex Requests • Changing and saving the results of such changing of the planned terms for requests • Opening the change request forms from the Gantt diagram directly

  28. Details • Solution type: Plug-in for IBM Rational ClearQuest Eclipse. • Prerequisites: Requires IBM Rational ClearQuest installed in the system. • Delivery type: Multiplatform package. • Compatibility: Compatible with ClearQuest 7.0 and upper. • Multilanguage support: Yes (MUI) • License scheme 1: unlimited corporate license * (only for 1. IBM business partners or CM-Consult customers)License scheme 2:  node-locked (can only be used on one machine)

  29. Multilanguage interface and documentation

  30. About «CM-Consult»company • It was founded in 2004. The main business is consulting in project management area, implementation and support IBM Rational tools and technologies as well as methodic (RUP). Distribution, setup and customization, support of IBM Rational software and Microsoft tools.  «CM-Consult» is in TOP-5 of the Russian consulting companies implementing IBM Rational.  • Our team conducted over 25 successful projects of  IBM Rational technologies implementation, we trained over 700 specialists.«CM-Consult»  is a business partner of  IBM for all these years and has a status Premier IBM Partner as well as Value Advantage Plus (V.A.P.). • The base of the team is the certified professionals and experts whose experience and deep knowledge are beyond doubts.  The clients of «CM-Consult»  are the biggest international companies: HUK-COBURG (Germany), Banco do Nordeste (Brazil), United Aviation Group (Russia), Tatneft (Tatarstan oil, Russia), VTB bank (state external trade bank, Russia), Irkut avia plant (Russia), Russian Aluminum and many others. 

  31. About Rational Tools project • The project starts at 2008 for international promoting the solutions and services of CM-Consult which are worked through the real projects of the company. • Rational-Tools is the set of the unique solutions and software which extends and complements the capabilities of IBM Rational tools and it has no analogues in the world. • Some of these products are registered in IBM as Value Advantage Plus (V.A.P.) solutions (Project Tracker and UML2ClearQuest), that confirms their high quality and relevance for the broad spectrum of customers.

  32. Our solutions in IBM Global Solutions Directory • 'ProjectTracker' for MSP Server 2003 & 2007 -  (ID# 38167) • GanttChart for ClearQuest- (ID# 41151)  • UML2ClearQuest 3.0 - (ID#: 41240) • CQSD ClearQuest & HP Service Desk integration (ID#: 41241)

  33. More Info (worlwide): • • Exclusive PartnerinEurope • IBTS (International Business & Technology Solutions), Germany • Scheelestr. 108, D-12209 Berlin • Tel.: +49 (0)30 755 14 304 • Fax: +49 (0)30 755 14 348 • E-mail: • Internet: