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Choose The Right School For Your Child PowerPoint Presentation
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Choose The Right School For Your Child

Choose The Right School For Your Child

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Choose The Right School For Your Child

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  1. Choose The Right School For Your Child As a parent, it’s a tough task to choose the right school for your child. With the hectic work schedules, parents generally tend to sideline the important things in life such as their child’s education. They enroll their children in schools nearby before finding out the full details about those particular schools.

  2. Proper research must be done before enrolling the child into a school. When was the school established, what is the pass percentage of the school over the years, do they have good staff and management, what is the opinion of parents and students already enrolled with them? Such questions must be raised and answers must be found.

  3. The Central Board of Secondary Education has disaffiliated nine schools in the two states - two in Telangana and nine in Andhra Pradesh recently. Both the disaffiliated schools of Telangana were from Hyderabad. As per the rulebook, schools need to adhere to norms provided by CBSE for infrastructure, curriculum, staff and other facilities. The ones which were disaffiliated didn’t meet the rulebook criteria. Schools will now either have to shut down or seek affiliation from the state school department. Hence,parents must do proper research on schools before enrolling their child.

  4. Parents need to be informed beforehand to avoid admitting them into such institutes. A handy resource which can help the parents in this regard is an online education portal. These portals offer end to end online admission solutions to all kinds of schools i.e., CBSE schools, International schools, high schools etc. Parents can find information and reviews on the established and registered schools on such online educational portals. Parents can choose from the wide choice and take informed decisions when it comes to finding the list of high schools in Hyderabad.

  5. There are many International schools and CBSE schools in Hyderabad who have registered themselves in online portals. Each and every school has a complete profile depicting their mission, vision and principles of education. Parents have a huge list of high schools in Hyderabad to choose from.

  6. From the schools’ point of view, this greatly increases their reach among the parents. They can list all the branches available across the city and provide useful information such as address and contact details. Other useful information such as admission details, brochures, sports facilities, lab facilities can also be listed. It takes a lot of research, but eventually a parent can choose the right school for their child.