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  1. OLYMPIC& PARALYMPIC EQUALITY BY ARMINAS URBONAS 9K4 DETERMINATION INSPIRATION EXCELLENCE RESPECT FRIENDSHIP COURAGE Click here for Olympic value Click here for feeling good Click here for getting active Click here for healthy eating

  2. Home page EQUALITY Aspects of Equality, everyone has basic rights and emotional needs no matter whether we have disabilities or belong to a difference race, religion or sexuality. The idea of commonality and sameness although we are all different. Treating all people with fairness. An equal society promoting opportunities for all. Recognise everyone is different and may so have different needs. Fair and just society.

  3. Home page HEALTHY EATING • Food is always in our hand and it helps us in very so many different ways like the vitamins and nutrition things in our meals and you can enjoy your meals with your friend and family. DESCRIPTION Set your self and group of school friends a target witch one eat the most fruits in 4weeks and record the data in a table and get a price for the winner and you can do it over and over again. THE EATING HEALTHY CHALLENGE

  4. Home page GETTING ACTIVE • When you think about exercise you think like `o no` but when you get started you will not stop then you can eat healthy and eat all the meals you like without thinking of getting big because you will use the different exercise routines to keep your self in shape. DESCRIPTION GET THE WHOLE CLASS OR EVEN THE WHOLE SCHOOL TO WALK 2,000 PEACES EACH LUNCH TIME OR AFETR SCHOOL EACH DAY AND YOU CAN CHALLENGE THE OTHER SCHOOL WHO WALK THE MOST PEACES THE WALKING CHALLENGE

  5. Home page FEELING GOOD INSIDE • The way you can keep you self happy and feeling good by eating all different meals, if you feel depressed, worried, angry or stressed and it’s important that we learn how to deal with these situations so that we can return as quickly as possible to feeling good again. DESCRIPTION TAKE YOUR WHOLE CLASS AND WHILST ALL THE ACTIVITYS LIST WHAT YOUR GOING TO DO ON A PAPER ANG OF YOU GO. THE ACTIVITY CHALLNEGE