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the london 2012 olympic games and paralympic games n.
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The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games PowerPoint Presentation
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The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

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The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
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The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

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  1. The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Opportunities for Surrey

  2. 3 Weeks of Sport in London?

  3. The Games in Numbers 3 weeks of sport in London? 5 weeks of sport 26 Olympic and 20 Paralympic sports 205 Olympic and 161 Paralympic nations 1000 days to go on 31st October 14,000 athletes 20,000 journalists 70,000 volunteers 800,000 visitors 9,200,000 tickets 4,000,000,000 global TV audience

  4. Friendship, excellence and respect 3 weeks of sport in London? • Before, during and after: legacy is key • The London 2012 Games - for all the UK • For all ages, especially young people • Olympics and Paralympics are equivalent

  5. Themes to Support Surrey National and Regional Themes Business Community Health Surrey Strategic Partnership Themes Economic Development Housing, Infrastructure and Environment Safer and Stronger Communities Children and Young People Health and Well-Being

  6. Strategic Impact to Grass Roots Activity Surrey 2012 Strategy Signed off by SSP and SCC Action Plan Linking the strategy’s ambitions into partners’ delivery plans Programme Delivery Delivering specific projects through our delivery partners

  7. Opportunities for Business “CompeteFor” • Giving businesses unique access to London 2012 opportunities • •

  8. Influencing Infrastructure Developments Improving Infrastructure • Improvements to Gatwick rail station • Only 3 of 5 platforms fully accessible to wheelchair users

  9. Opportunities through Sport Pre-Games Training Camps • 19 Surrey venues qualified to offer training facilities • £25k grant available from April 2011 • Range of opportunities: business, culture, schools, language, etc •

  10. Helping people who are out of work or have few qualifications or no qualificationsthrough volunteering Opportunities to increase skills “Personal Best”

  11. The Cultural Olympiad The wedding of sport and art: • Ceremonies – extraordinary live spectacles watched on television by one in three people around the world. • Major projects – A number of major cultural projects featured in the London 2012 bid, forming the backbone of the Cultural Olympiad. • Inspire mark projects – local and regional events featuring in our UK-wide celebration.

  12. International Flag Exchange • 150 Surrey schools and 150 foreign schools • Each creating a flag • Installation in July 2010 of all 300 flags at Celebrating Surrey event.

  13. Opportunities for Schools “Get Set” Get Set involves children and young people in the excitement and inspiration of the 2012 Games. 130 Surrey schools are signed up To discover the Olympic and Paralympic Values through a range of interactive sound and word matching games, quizzes, fact files, support sheets and creative ideas, for ages from three to 19.

  14. Opportunities for people with disabilities “Accentuate” • Accentuate puts disabled people at the heart of its programme • recognises and showcases the wealth of disability arts in the region. • Launches on 3rd December

  15. Opportunities for young people Create Compete Collaborate • Give every young person in the South East an opportunity to take part in a project (create, compete or collaborate) with a young person from a competitor country •

  16. Reaching for Gold A South East competition designed to encourage innovative ideas from groups of young people that can make a practical difference to society in the areas of Youth, Community and Disability.

  17. “Setting the Pace” • Young people reinterpreting collections to tell stories that connect the UK with the rest of the world.

  18. Opportunities through Sport Young Ambassadors School Sport Partnerships recruiting two young people to take on the role of Young Ambassador for two years. they work in their local communities championing sport and the ethos and values of the Olympic and Paralympic movement.

  19. Opportunities through Sport National School Sports Week • The Youth Sport Trust and Lloyds TSB are providing free resources and visits from British Olympians and Paralympians to help schools inspire pupils • 28 June to 02 July 2010 •

  20. Community Resilience • Preparing local communities to deal with emergencies • Swine flu buddies • Flooding

  21. Be creative, think laterally, build on what you do well, be part of the Games in Surrey

  22. Helen Bridgman Surrey Coordinator for the 2012 Games To subscribe to find out more or to Subscribe to our e-bulletin, contact