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Communities of Excellence

Communities of Excellence

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Communities of Excellence

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  1. Communities of Excellence Living the 8 Keys Changing the lives of students everywhere

  2. Program The 8 Keys of Excellence Integrity, Failure Leads to Success, Speak with Good Purpose, This Is It!, Commitment, Ownership, Flexibility, Balance Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys is a yearlong comprehensive character-development program for students and educators that focuses on principles that support excellence in individuals and in the community.

  3. Program Highlights • Engaging yearlong curriculum that connects to students (Elementary/Junior and Senior versions) • Website with valuable information and guidelines including: video training, scripted lessons that feature Quantum Learning delivery strategies, learning activities, daily quotes, student journals, 8 Keys Growth Gauge, message board for teachers to share ideas, and much more • Key ring and 8 KeyCards for every student • 8 Keys poster and The 8 Keys of Excellence book for each classroom • “How to Create Meaningful 8 Keys Personal Stories” for teachers and invited community leaders

  4. 8 KeyCards and Poster

  5. Program Website Home Page Program Overview, PowerPoints 8 Keys of Excellence How to Get Involved News, Videos Teacher (password protected) How-to support, Videos, Online training Introductory Lesson, 8 Keys Lessons All About (each Key) Quotes of the day Journals, 8 Keys Growth Gauge Message Board for sharing ideas Student (teacher/CoE managed) Blog, Videos, Photos News, Stories Key of the Month Partners (password protected) News, ebooks, Defining Excellence

  6. Program Timeline • August / September – Start of program • Three-hour online workshop to educate teachers on the impact of the 8 Keys of Excellence and to provide guidelines for implementation of the program in their classrooms (video from training by a lead Quantum Learning facilitator at the QLN Conference Center in Oceanside, California) • Introductory lesson for teachers use in launching the program with their students. Includes an overview of the Communities of Excellence program and value of the 8 Keys of Excellence.

  7. Program Timeline (continued) • September to April – Teachers focus on one Key per month • Initial Key Lesson includes a Key Story, definition/description, activity, journal page, 8 Keys Growth Gauge, and giving students KeyCards. • Teachers integrate the Key into their curriculum and reinforce the principle throughout the month. • A host of additional suggestions are included such as 8 Keys announcements, skits in assemblies, 8 Keys awards, and inviting community leaders to share Personal Key Stories with students. • May – Reinforcement and celebration event (CoE School Surveys are completed at start of program, mid-year and end of year)

  8. Goals and Outcomes Create a socially aware, capable, responsible, and caring community of young people Inspire and empower students to make positive choices and become productive members of society Unite educators, local businesses, organizations, government officials, and parents in support of our students

  9. Long-lasting Impact “On the 26-hour flight over … my train of thought took me to thoughts about responsibility … and the 8 Keys.” 1st Lt. Brian J. Seidl, from Iraq (learned 8 Keys at SuperCamp when in high school)

  10. Implementation in Schools Thousands of schools are using the 8 Keys of Excellence with remarkable results through Quantum Learning programs. The 8 Keys of Excellence are licensed to Learning Forum International by Quantum Learning Network for use in the Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys program.

  11. Documented Results Alamo Heights Independent School District San Antonio, Texas “I would say unequivocally, teachers, community members, and students are very excited about the implementation of the 8 Keys of Excellence. The effort has had a very positive impact on morale, behavior and character education efforts at the elementary schools. Many teachers and parents continue to let me know how the language of the Keys is evident, not only throughout the school, but throughout the community as well." —Dan St. Romain, teacher and consultant

  12. Documented Results O’Plaine Intermediate School (grades 3-5) Gurnee, Illinois • Results tracked: continuing drops in zero-tolerance behavior: 6% first year, 12% second year, and 19% third year. (Note: zero-tolerance behaviors are severe types of negative behavior that warrant a “trip to the Principal’s office.”) • Statistically significant: common language affected the entire process of school behaviors —8 Keys of Excellence implemented by co-principals Doug Schultze and Dr. Jenny Severson over a three-year period

  13. Documented Results Note: Student population 2,047; 37% low income, 83% African-American, 13% Caucasian, 4% other Thornton Township High School District South Holland, Illinois • Following a 22-day summer school program focused on the 8 Keys of Excellence, a 1998 study of ninth graders performing below grade level showed a 37% reduction in absenteeism, 66% reported better behavior, and 60% followed class rules more often.

  14. Possible Funding Sources • CoE is easy to fund • The Communities of Excellence program is easily scalable and • replicable with an affordable cost of $10 per student per year. • Your school can secure funding from several sources • Individual donations • School budget • PTA fund-raising • Parents pay • Corporate “Adopt a School” donations • (download donation form at website) • Foundation grants • (download Grant Request template at website)

  15. Communities of ExcellenceLiving the 8 Keys Learning Forum International (LFI) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit educational corporation, based in Oceanside, California, since 1989. LFI’s mission is Making Great Kids Greater.We achieve this by supporting student and educator programs that contribute to the mastery of learning and life skills by today’s youth, leading to their academic and personal success. Learning Forum International 760-305-7317 Bobbi DePorter, President

  16. Board of DirectorsLearning Forum International Bobbi DePorter Quantum Learning Network, President Joe Chapon Quantum Learning Network, Vice President & Secretary/Treasurer Denise DeMan-Williams Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Bench International Steve Curtis  Insight Consulting, Partner Steven Snyder BestQuest Teaching Systems, Partner Tom Holmquist BAE Systems, Director of Accounting