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LifeLine. ...Saving Lives. Presenter’s name and title Ankur Joshi , ankursur@buffalo.edu , 7164087686 Ameya Aware, ameyabal@buffalo.edu , 4703346515 Shashank Bagul, sbagul@buffalo.edu , 7168613534 Pratik Bhat, pratiksu@buffalo.edu , 7168173325 Company Website:-

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  1. LifeLine ...Saving Lives Presenter’s name and title Ankur Joshi , ankursur@buffalo.edu , 7164087686 Ameya Aware, ameyabal@buffalo.edu, 4703346515 Shashank Bagul, sbagul@buffalo.edu, 7168613534 Pratik Bhat, pratiksu@buffalo.edu, 7168173325 Company Website:- http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~sbagul/ LifeLine

  2. Business Concept • Idea • Overview • How will it help ?

  3. Background & Analysis

  4. Background & Analysis - Incidents • In November 2011, a passerby found a nine-year-old girl trapped in the passenger seat of a vehicle that had crashed 40 hours earlier in Cove City, North Carolina. She was still alive but injured. The driver, her father, had been killed in the crash, and the girl had no way of contacting anyone for help • In Graves County, Kentucky, a passerby found a man with life-threatening injuries two days after he had crashed over a guardrail into a creek. A female passenger in his car was pronounced dead at the scene • In September 2011, the family of a 67-year-old California man found him after he had plunged 200 feet off a cliff five days earlier. He suffered multiple broken bones and a dislocated shoulder

  5. Background & Analysis – Customer Survey

  6. Background & Analysis – Customer Survey

  7. Background & Analysis – Numbers Verdict

  8. Target Market Auto Manufacturers (Product) Growth %

  9. Target Market SegmentHospitals in the US - (Service) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in 2010 that the cost of medical care and productivity losses associated with motor vehicle crash injuries was over $99 billion, or nearly $500, for each licensed driver in the United States. $99 billion !!

  10. Customers

  11. ContextAuto Parts manufacturing Industry Suppliers - Electric Components Manufacturers Barriers - Establishing long term relationships with hospitals, High entry costs due to manufacturing Industry is mature High Competition but Low technological change.

  12. No. of units Product Revenue Revenue/Unit No. of subscriptions Service Revenue Revenue/subscription Total Revenue No. of contracts Partnership Revenue Fishbone Diagram Revenue/Contract Mechanical Design Research and development Total Cost Database Technology Raw Materials and equipment Electronic Components Factory Facilities Data Center Costs Payroll CTO Employee CEO Marketing and Advertising Advertising Costs/Sales

  13. Key Partners • Well Equipped Hospitals • Automobile Manufactures • Distributors of Electronic components • Key Activities • Create and Manage exhaustive data base of hospitals • Report to shortest possible hospital from accident location. • Factory for device manufacturing • Value Proposition • Ensure Life Safety with Immediate medical attention • Improved businesses for car manufactures and hospitals • Customer Relationship • Life is precious , we deliver our promise ensuring assistance at critical times. • Network effects • Customer Segments • Automobile Manufactures • Car users • Well Equipped Hospitals BUSINESS MODEL • Channels • Tie ups with Car Manufactures • hospitals • Car showrooms • Key Resources • Electronic Components • Software and Data center • Cost Structure • Marketing and sales • Research and Development • General and Administrative • Revenue Streams • Partnership revenue • Product revenue

  14. Competitor Analysis Onstar-GM Activates with crash sensors which are mounted throughout vehicle No mobile phone is required Sends information to PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) Toughest Competition Sync 911-Ford Activates with air bag deployment Uses driver’s Bluetooth enabled mobile phone Sends information to PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) LifeLine Activates with crash sensors which are mounted throughout vehicle No mobile phone is required Sends information to nearest hospital for immediate help improving response time

  15. Mr. Pratik Bhat- Co-Founder Right blend of Information technology Management and Computer Science 2 Years Professional Experience Mr. Shashank Bagul- Co-Founder Self driven algorithmic approaches in Computer Science. 2 Years Professional Experience. Knowledge of Market Opportunity • Passion • Technology • Speed • Life & Help • Entrepreneurship Mr. Ameya Aware- Co-Founder Good blend of core Electronics and Computer Science 3 Years Professional Experience Passion for Automobile Industry Mr. Ankur Joshi- Co-Founder Fundamental Mathematics and Computer Science skills. 2 Years Professional Experience with Risk Management. Proficient Market Connections

  16. Customer Validation Interview

  17. THANK YOU !! • Interest • Comments • Questions Please reach LifeLine @ Email:- lifeline_savinglives@yahoo.com Phone :- 716-408-7686 / 470-334-6515

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