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LifeLine Hospital

LifeLine Hospital. By: Hazem Rady @5545. Introduction.

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LifeLine Hospital

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  1. LifeLine Hospital By: Hazem Rady @5545

  2. Introduction • Health care institutions occupy a very important place in our society today. The basic goal of Lifeline hospital is to provide premium health care for its patients and surrounding residents through comprehensive primary, secondary, and selected tertiary care services on an inpatient, outpatient, and referral basis. • The Lifeline Hospital is a huge institution and a real-life database application for this would be extremely complex and beyond the scope and requirements of our project. Hence an overly simplified version of the hospital database is presented here with only the fundamental units.

  3. Our Design • In our design of the database, only the factors and people that have a major influence on the functioning of the hospital are taken into consideration. Through the construction of a database for this Hospital, we attempt to keep a record of all the employees and the major functions taking place in the Hospital. • The Hospital employs several well trained physicians, nurses, and technicians coming from different backgrounds as well as different countries. • Lifeline Hospital has several Departments that facilitate patient care administration, and staff administrative services. • Additionally the hospital houses several laboratories that are capable of performing different types of tests about the patients.

  4. What Records? • Person • Employee • Physician • Technician • Nurse • Patient/ PatientIN/ PatientOUT • And More..

  5. More Details • Let us look at the record tables and their relations.

  6. Steps taken in Designing Step 1: Converted the ERD diagrams into Relational Schema

  7. Creating Database Step 2: Creating Tables and Relations between tables using Create Statements.

  8. Generating Records • Step 3: We used a Data generator for creating the statements we need for inserting records into the database.

  9. Software used Step 4: Implementing an Interface connecting to Oracle Database. VB.NET

  10. Sample Screenshot

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